Sunrise by nokker

Sunrise (by nokker)

sunrise sunset grass anime girl

something terrible happened to her hand
lol, why?) And with wich one? :lol:
Left one, think a hipo crushed it :(
But great job overall, except maybe the lighting, there is no light source behind the trunk ;), she should be in shadow
It's just such a view angle! :lol: Yep, I need more practice in colours and light/shade of course :idea: Thanks ^^
Ok, well i'll try not to bicth too hard, but when some1 (better some2 )points out that something is wrong, we do not try to persuede them it is correct, she's missing a whole freakking forearm, just take it into consideration and try not to make the same mistake the next time, ok? :lol: You will grow better by fasing your mistakes and weaknesses. Critics is a good thing, unless you do not want any, then just say so.
:roll: I'll reply, again: bend your arm to 90°. Let your forearm to look forward. Ask someone to take photo of you, or if you have mirror, look at the mirror. ........ Profit! About the light - I got it, here you are right.
*facepalm* Duuude, forget it... you'll realise it your self when time is right...
Can you show me your works?
Judging from your replies, showing you my works will only make you insta-hate me, proclaming my self a "better-know-it-all", while in fect all that bothered me was your reaction :roll:
You dont need to bother on my _reaction_, neither wishing me to grow better from now. I'm a magical fairy and I've just set you free! :lol: Write critics on my _works_ if you want. ;-)
nokker, you can find some Coda works in WIP on forum (if you really want it)
Personally i think the colours look really good, overall a great picture apart from the fact that shes missing her whole forearm XD I have no idea how you done the background, or the colours for anything other than her, im hopeless with anything other than people LOL! XD if you like check out some stuff by me its only people no bg's Lol :oops:
Nice background. :)
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