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New, trying to figure something out
« on: September 20, 2010, 01:00:41 AM »
Hey guys! Well Im new to the whole electronic art and got a tablet coming in the mail! =) gunna be a blast

Anyways, Im trying to figure out how to get a lineart w/o the white background so I can mess around with coloring while I still have a mouse.

Is there anyway to do this? Ive been looking for hours! :'( I thought there was a way to do this photoshop but i cant remember what its called you know.

If you dont know what I mean, I just want to bring a lineart into SAI and then put a layer underneath it of a darker color so I can mess around. Since the whole picture gets imported, its all white, and blocks out the layer underneath.

EdIT: Never mind guys! with some looking through PS I found transparency. Then looked for it on SAI, but there was none. So did a search of transparency and found someone who asked the same question! =) now im happy!!
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