Author Topic: Madkoifish's SAI WIP  (Read 6252 times)


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Madkoifish's SAI WIP
« on: May 17, 2010, 05:55:20 AM »
Ok, I will start this with the most recent project, rest are sorta abandoned for now. (read bored of em)

This is a old doodle I had done a while back, at least 7mo ago.

Fairly new, did it out of need to get my hands on the pen again. I was noticing my doodles in pchat were getting really messy.

This one is fairly old. not sure if it will ever see the finished folder. :O

Remillia, unfinished as well. or not. I dunno I could say the incomplete dress and outer details were on purpose! hah Ended up using this on the blog.

I am even terrible about unfinished pencil drawings! Flandre.

Forgot to add most of these are resized from the originals, often work in 2400X2400 or so for web stuff and higher for prints. (oh damn just saw I could have attached this stuff! oops)
Finished crap is on my blog, kind of. I took my DA down due to TOS and have not gotten around to posting up ALL of what I removed from there onto the blog. Website itself SHOULD be back soon. Almost all of my work is Touhou be that a sad thing or a good thing I lean towards the prior due to not being too open but drawing/painting has been sort of a backseat operation for me lately. Hope you enjoy etc. I can post more frequent updates if requested, I know some like to see things progress in short steps to see how one works.

I find I tend to get to fiddly on painting, something I have been working on getting past. I am more of a illustrator than a painter, so I envy those who can paint with just a mess of blobs then refine those into something.


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Re: Madkoifish's SAI WIP
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2010, 06:51:16 PM »
these are lovely, keep up the beautiful work!