Author Topic: about saving multiple frames separately for animation  (Read 635 times)

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about saving multiple frames separately for animation
« on: October 21, 2021, 03:23:21 AM »
I'm a newbie when it comes to animation, and ive been practicing by using the different measures that are affordable.

See, the crappy part about this is that the free programes suck like firealpaca and krita because their UI is confusing, their stabilizer is too fast even on their lowest settings and their mappings makes no friggin sense.

PaintToolSAI is a perfect blend of all of those problems fixed and gives me the satisfaction i require when needed.

...EXCEPT, and this is one MAJOR exception... there's no support for saving each frame separately. See, this is the only problem i have when it comes to animating properly. I have to painstakingly save each and every frame by copying each drawing, open in a new clipboard and manually keep track of each sequence by naming them and if i slip up, i lost my place completely and i screw up everything and have to painstakingly do the entire listing all over, and it is hell and a half to deal with that crap.

Firealpaca has the onion skin feature where it automatically seperates and saves each and every page by itself to be used for animating .gif files and it is a godsent. The problem is... that it's on FireAlpaca, aka godawful and horrible user interface and stupidity in it's preset mapping. Too hard to use and overly complicated.

I am looking for something for the PaintTool SAI program that works EXACTLY like FireAlpaca's onion skin feature. We've gone one step to progress with the SAI animation peek program and it helps a bunch.

I'm just asking for that liiiiiiiittle extra step to achieve an onion skin save program and it will be the perfect drawing software for me to use.

Please tell me if there's something like this that exists. Please for the love of Jesus tell me there's something for this.

Thank you.