Author Topic: Legacy Clip Studio Suite versions?  (Read 5454 times)

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Legacy Clip Studio Suite versions?
« on: October 17, 2017, 08:43:37 PM »
 ;) Hey guy I was wondering is somebody here still have the Installer for some of the older versions of the different Clip Studio applications.

 I'm really getting into working with 3d models and poses, creating characters and backgrounds but I just can't figure Japanese. I know there are a lot of translation kits available but my problem lies in the fact that a lot of the newer version no longer support each others.

For example Clip Studio Modeler 1.6.0 and newer cannot import character or assets created with Clip Studio coordinate which is easier to set up for custom characters. And I've found a lot of links to older versions but it seems that Celsys remove them from their servers.

Same thing with Clip Studio Action 1.5.5 the latest version no longer support 3d assets, but I was able to get Clip Studio Action 1.2.0 but cannot find a translation kit, I think there's one for 1.1.7 but I can't find an installer. I found a portable version of the old Pose Studio but is also in Japanese, I cant find an installer either (if it existed) neither a translation kit and I can't add poses or save anything to use later on Clip Studio Paint.

So if I could make a request I would like to find the following:

Clip Studio Action 1.2.0 translation kit
Clip Studio Action 1.1.7 Installer

Clip Studio Modeler older than 1.6.0 Installer (that have a translation kit)

Pose Studio Installer (And translation kit).

Thanks you so much!!