Author Topic: Moving from Sai1 to Sai2, brushes, settings.  (Read 16043 times)

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Moving from Sai1 to Sai2, brushes, settings.
« on: December 03, 2016, 03:55:42 PM »
Apparently the brush settings to be specific are different on Sai2. Copying the folders to Sai2 didn't move the brush settings at all. Other than manually entering the brush settings, is there a better way to preserve my old brush settings from Sai1 to Sai2?

My second question is, is there a comprehensive guide that explains the new settings? Things like the Miscellaneous portion (Advanced Settings in Sai1 I think) and the rulers?

Thank you!


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Re: Moving from Sai1 to Sai2, brushes, settings.
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2016, 10:52:02 PM »
aparently, he changed the way the brush engine works a bit, I find it "better" on SAI 1,

i've wondered if the brush settings of sai 1 can be achieve on sai beta 2?   here's an example, the lines of sai 1 are smooth and the sai2 beta end abruptly, in a way.

i hope you understand what im saying, i've tried several setups and no changes in the way looks, its a bug? a feature? can be achieved but im not doing it correctly?"

and here's his anwser


The thin strokes were drawn with similar settings between Ver.1 and Ver.2.
But thick strokes were drawn with different settings.
Maybe the density pressure sensitivity was enabled on Ver.1, but the density pressure sensitivity was disabled on Ver.2.

> warp transformation
I am examining to implement a warp transformation.
But the implementation is not easy. I have to take many effort.

Thank you.

-Koji Komatsu"

and here's my reply

"Hi again mr. koji,

thanks for answer my last mail and sorry to bother you with this kind of small inconveniences (again),
i'm very pleased with the software overall, my question is, in the old sai there's a option on Adv. Settings (hard< >soft), is there something similar on SAI 2 beta? here is a screen cap with my settings, when you use the transparent color, the blending is way smoother, and its because the option on hard and soft (i have it on 0)

hope you can help me, and sorry again for the inconveniences

thank you.


and here's his final answer, not quite satisfied with the way it works :/


On Ver.1, "Dilution" for a transparent color does not work naturally.
That is my faults.

Please try the following settings of a Brush tool.
 1. Create "Brush" tool.
 2. Change "Dilution" to "80". (Maybe "Dilution:1" brings similar result to your settings on Ver.1. But I recommend "Dilution:80".)
 3. Change "Prs. Sensitivity" for "Blend" to 0.

Thank you.

-Koji Komatsu"

i'm hoping he bring us a similar system of SAI 1 :(