Author Topic: New Sai 2 update !! 2016-01-24 The technical preview version of SAI Ver.2  (Read 8083 times)

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Hey ya'll! There's a new update of the Sai 2 prototype! It finally has the transform controls activated and some new nifty freehand drawing aspects. Still no updates to the interface or saving as a plain .sai file but it's a good update!


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Anyone else getting a sticky cursor in the beta?  As in when you move the stylus it takes the cursor a half a second to catch up with the movement?  Almost like lag.  It isn't my tablet,  Im having no issue with PS or SAI 1


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I used my SAI 1 license as instructed in the official SAI page and gave it a try, I really like it, very impressed by all the new controls like setting Size/Density/Blending pressure individually also finally the Binary pen isn't set to 100px any longer!