Author Topic: Help with importing 3dmodels and a blender question  (Read 2387 times)

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Help with importing 3dmodels and a blender question
« on: December 29, 2015, 06:48:09 AM »
So when I make a model in csc it comes out just fine however I have noticed that csc has a tab called shapes this tab lets me play with the pre registered face movements of a model like a pmd model  however when I import it to my csp there is no shape tab for the models, is it just something cool in csc that it mocks me with because csp can't do it? I'm just curious if I can import it because that would be pretty cool.

Also is there a way to import a model and make it like the drawing dolls that is already in the program like make my own drawing dolls that can change its body shape and size just like the drawing models in csp I've seen them in the Japanese clip studio material store however I want to make my own model with the dimension I want.

One last question I know the names of the bones for the models but is there a way the bones must be placed I used to have an older version of Blender that would place the fbx import of the bones all facing different directions and although the bones followed each other they were all off set and looked strange but when I imported my models into csp using those bones the model would follow the csp poses but now when I import these model with the same method the models do not pose correctly. I'm starting to think its my New fbx importer for blender because I did upgrade to the newest Blender version but I don't remember which version I had that allowed me to do all that fun bone stuff. Anyone else play with Blender and know how to fix the bones in the new blender update for csp?