Author Topic: Please help, Selecting and Changing layers without asking  (Read 2385 times)

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Please help, Selecting and Changing layers without asking
« on: January 10, 2015, 10:28:22 AM »
Okay i just had this huge problem that has been a huge pain lately, i always use CTRL+the mouse to move objects or layers i select, but now every time i press CTRL and drag the cursor it MOVES the layer/object/thing the cursor is touching instead.

If you didn't got it let's say:
-You have 2 layers
-1 for the background and the other one for the lineart
-You want to move the lineart so you select the LINEART layer
-You press CTRL and try to move it
-The background uses the whole canvas because, well, it's the background so obviously the mouse is over it
-When you click it: it automatically selects the Background layer without even asking or doing another command
-You end up moving the OTHER layer instead
-You think maybe you had selected that layer so it was your mistake
-You SELECT AGAIN the lineart layer
-You press CTRL
-Surprise, when you try to move the lineart, it automatically changes to the background layer instead and you end up moving that thing again

Okay so i don't know why i don't know how but it just decided to act like that in the middle of a project, it wasn't like, "Oh i turned the PC and it all began" no no no, in the middle of the drawing it just decided to do that, just because. I restarted the computer, checked the shortcuts, all the menus, tried everything i could but nothing, i've been using Sai for 2 years, this has never happened to me.

Oh god please someone help i have a deadline and i really need to finish these projects ;-;