Author Topic: AZDRAWING THE BEST PROGRAM for drawing and painting.  (Read 7583 times)

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AZDRAWING THE BEST PROGRAM for drawing and painting.
« on: October 19, 2014, 12:03:33 PM »
Hi guys.
excuse me for my bad English.
This program is wonderful, I add an example as unfinished paintable azdrawing fine. As it is open source, I would like someone to include certain tools that fact at fault.
Tool transformation
Symmetrical brush   :'(
finger brush
1 pixel brush and stabilizer for this tool. :'( for pixel art!!!
Please, it is the best of all to draw.
Preview window in azdrawing is wonderful. You can set the zoom you want. You can even make animations, this is great.The custom brushes are´s THE BEST PROGRAM!! :)
if you want to explain how you paint only with azdrawing and if you want better finisher can finish the job in azpainter, which I have not done here.

I have run azdrawing in linux, but does not recognize the pressure of my wacom tablet. what i have to install to work with the pressure tablet. please help !!

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