Author Topic: Plenty Question about hidden function Clipstudio paint or is it even possible  (Read 3260 times)

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good day i have several question about clip studio
thank you for reading

question 1 how do i convert the created curve line or shape into Pentool Style

Image 1 3PT beziere Curve

this image i use the 3 point beziere curve or  its like pentool in photoshop and i really like it

Image 2 Free hand Ruler

this image is drawn using free hand ruler i want to add 2 node or the pentool style like image in image 1 is it possible they Are both curve but i want to add more control thats why i wanna know if its possible or not or it exists

question is if I draw free hand 1st then i want to add 2 nodes is it possible


Question 2 About creating guide layer or draft layer is it available
if can how

image 1


Question3 about line Node or Pinch Line
how does it work itried assigning a shortcut keys to those 4 but i cant figured it out how does it work
a line node is like the 2 square in pentool am i right if wrong do u have any idea what does it do

question 4 Line style type
is it possible to make your own style of line type
or add existing preset more

if can how


Question 5 about snapping
is it possible to snap again after you created a Line or Ruler anyway i can snap only when creating or during creation of line

but the question is
how about if youre going to edit  existing vector line shape or ruler and snap it again using Object tool at GRID or perspective ruler or unique ruler

is it possible or not

 sorry for my bad english im just really curious  and i dont know where to go and ask for question and im hopping that i can find answer here

thank you very much
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