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SAI and Graphire 2
« on: May 20, 2013, 09:29:01 PM »
Ok my tablet sounds ancient but it stills work very well with all programs except for SAI. So I have these particular problems:
- the tip and buttons don't work although the mouse cursor does follow the tip
- strokes took ages to appear on canvas and this is with the s-x turn off

I have tried uninstall and install both SAI and the drivers. Using the old 6.1.5 driver latest driver now but still doesn't work (it does now! see edit 2.). Need desperate help!! *pulls hair*  ::)

I manage to get it to work but now the pen pressure is not working.
What I did was I remove user preference AND went back to the wacom properties and add SAI into the application list. Now if I could just make the pressure work...

Yey I got it to work!! Thanks to this tutorial!
Basically what I did was go to Others > Options > Digitalizer Support > Click Detection Pressure to 0%. The default was 100%. And voila, pen pressure is ONz! I'm using the latest driver as well.
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