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c2fr and c2fc
« on: April 10, 2013, 03:25:05 AM »
So ive got manga studio 5, whcih i understand is just the international version of cs paint etc., but ive already got it so no going back there. I have my own 3d models which ive made in zbrush, and exported to .obj format. I imported that to clip coordinate, and used the files provided by the fine people here to get what i can in english and then i rigged the model. I was able to get it rigged to a basic level, i didnt add rigidness to any of the joints or anything, i just wanted to get the basics down. Anyway, when i try to save out the file from coordinate, it will only give me the option of saving it out as c2fc. But MS5 will only read c2fr files. I tried renaming the extension of the c2fc file to c2fr, and that has some form of success, sort of. The renamed c2fr file will still open in coordinate just fine as if nothing changed, so the data is still there, but when i drag the c2fr file into MS5, it does indeed create a new object layer, but its completely invisible, its also zoomed so far in that i have to zoom out a bunch to just get the grid floor visible. can anyone help me out here?