Author Topic: How to tell if an image is already in grayscale?  (Read 2847 times)

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How to tell if an image is already in grayscale?
« on: February 26, 2013, 10:36:47 AM »
you know how sai needs grayscale bitmaps for things like brush texture? is there a way to determine whether an image is already in grayscale mode? or does it just read as RGB then after? (like even though its been converted to black and white, it still has RGB values so thats what im seeing)

the other reason i'm asking this is because i'm trying to figure out how exactly the "brush tip shape" functions.  it seems that any 'elemap' such as bristles or brush shape using the blue do-it urself crosshair things do not let u select out of the four brush tip shapes.  but it does if the brush bitmap is in the blotmap folder. 

so if that's the case, wouldn't u want all of ur brushtips to be in the blotmap category so u could control the tip shape?  or am i missing something? ....

thanks ^^