Author Topic: could you help me with cursor?  (Read 7807 times)

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could you help me with cursor?
« on: May 15, 2012, 02:47:05 AM »
hi, I know you might just shove it off/facepalm/get angry  and i really had to type it to you guys because I was going crazy.

How do you make your cursor large in AzDrawing 8D?

I saw the cursor made by "TheMaker" and they look amazing
but they appear small when I use them.

I tried to make them bigger by using a cursor editor but it re sizes back to 32x32
i tried to tweak the config file...but failed
i tried to use resource hacker but failed..

Was I not supoosed to go like Preference> Choose cursor at dot
or was "TheMaker" only released the small cursors?

thank you