Author Topic: "Opening canvas failed" Please help!  (Read 6572 times)

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"Opening canvas failed" Please help!
« on: August 30, 2010, 04:28:01 PM »
Yesterday I was drawing a picture and everything was going fine and it was saving and everything. Today I decided to rename it to something other than 'rename later' so I did. I moved it to a proper file/folder and then tried opening it with the 'open recent' thing in the file menu. Obviously that didn't work because it said it was in a different folder than it actually was.
Now I can't find the file at all in any of my folders and only when I click 'pictures' on the start menu can I find it. But even with that it appears as a blank sheet thing and when I try to open it with any of the drawing programs I have installed (SAI,, MS paint) it just says it can't.

If I search for it VIA the start menu two of the files come up. One is the .SAI one and one is apparently a short-cut but it says neither of them can be opened. I tried renaming both of the file location but no avail...

I have enough memory, definitely.

Please, if somebody has the solution to this, I'd appreciate it so much.

Thank you.