Author Topic: I need help from japanese people  (Read 4826 times)

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I need help from japanese people
« on: February 10, 2011, 02:51:12 PM »
Sorry if my question is not related directly to painting software, it's about traditional painting.
Please go to this link:学校では教えてくれない風景スケッチの法則―不透明水彩絵の具ガッシュを使って描く-増山-修/dp/4817037326/ref=pd_sim_t_1

it's a book about gouache. Please click on "Search inside this book" (second link below book cover) and go to page 14. On the bottom there is a "memo" box about poster paint: could you please translate it for me? (I tried with OCR + translator, but I didn't get anything useful).

I'm searching information about that poster paint, which apparently is used in japanese animation studios like Ghibli for painting backgrounds, maybe someone has some first-hand information on that.

Thank you in advance.