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General / Re: CLIP STUDIO MODELER English Translation
« Last post by wolfgee on August 30, 2018, 02:24:42 PM »
BEWARE!! The newly released version don't have the Modeling options (paid by subscription) and the option to create backgrounds. Can only setup Objects and Characters.
General / Re: CLIP STUDIO MODELER English Translation
« Last post by Memag on August 30, 2018, 12:21:42 PM »
General / Re: CLIP STUDIO PAINT English Translation
« Last post by Memag on August 30, 2018, 12:20:54 PM »
There is an official EN version, and a new update you can download (but you need other serial for ENG version).

There is also an official English version of the Clip Studio Modeler now
SAI General / Paint Tool SAI strange colour/masking problem
« Last post by AlistairFrith on August 29, 2018, 11:39:47 PM »
So my son has been getting into drawing with his tablet and SAI but today he encountered a problem that neither of us can diagnose...

He created 2 layers, one for line art and then a 2nd for colouring (although some colouring was done on the first layer). After a while, in one area of the image, any colour he puts down seems as though it is going through some sort of mask (hard to describe). But we can't see any masks or anything unusual in the layers and we can't get rid of the effect. Can anyone advise what is going on? I am attaching a JPEG (the SAI file is too big) in the hope that someone here can help. I think it is fairly clear that something is going on in the right-most area of the image where we have run over it with a blue brush.

General / Re: CLIP STUDIO PAINT English Translation
« Last post by Kaoyux on August 29, 2018, 03:25:19 PM »
Hi all! It's been a year since last time I had the chance to draw for job reasons and I'm very surprised about all program changes since then!
I can see the website Clip Assets (downloadable materials gallery), tutorials, faq section, gold section, etc... IN ENGLISH as well (?) although you can't buy materials that cost clippys yet for some unknown reason, only free materials or those that cost golds appear in the english gallery.

I'm wondering if we could get access to the official english version so we wouldn't need to make/download english patchs with some annoying scripts errors that happen every time I open several clip studio menu sections.

Anyone has a better idea about what's going on with this program lately please? I'd be glad to get any update  :)
SAI General / Layer Drag (Ctrl + Drag) Function Help?
« Last post by marcsazy on August 25, 2018, 06:46:24 PM »
So I'm not sure if this is something I can change now, but:

Let's say I had a painting of a figure with the head and body on different layers. In Paint Tool SAI Version 1, by holding down Ctrl (on a windows laptop), my cursor would identify the current layer that hangs underneath it. A.k.a. by holding down Ctrl, no matter which layer I was currently on, if I left-clicked I would immediately switch to the corresponding layer. I could hold down ctrl and leftclick on the body and switch to the body layer, then hold down ctrl again and click on the face and be back on the face, or even left click on the background and be on the background layer, etc etc. Similarly, I could hold ctrl, then drag with my mouse and move whatever was under my cursor, regardless if it was on a different layer.

But in Paint Tool Sai 2, these "Ctrl+Click" and "Ctrl+Drag" functions to identify and change layers doesn't exist. Consequently, regardless if I hover over a different layer's content and drag with my mouse, I still drag the layer I'm currently on.

Is there any way to change Paint Tool SAI 2 to have its Ctrl Button Layer functions work in the same way as PTS1?
General Discussion / Re: PLEASE make these things optional!
« Last post by Keitou on August 06, 2018, 04:23:32 AM »
sorry, we don't make the program, we just help to resolve some issues but not related to the program process. sorry  :'(
General Discussion / PLEASE make these things optional!
« Last post by chillmoth on August 05, 2018, 10:21:25 AM »
Ive recently moved laptops to a surface pro and so as you can imagine, I enjoy being able to draw on it really well with my pen on the touch screen without the possibility of having to have my keyboard or mouse always on standby.

What I already start to notice is that because of the constant CTRL Z undoing we know we all do, having the max scale of the undo/redo still being really small for my fingers to undo quickly and move on and not having the option to make those two specific ones very large is a tad annoying after an hour.

Another little idea I had, although Im not too sure where it would go nessecarily, is having the option to have all of the most common shortcuts readily at display without having to go into the tabs to find it- deselect, cut, copy, paste, the little things like that. Itd be helpful if that was a seperate thing you could open similar to the RGB scale being able to toggle on and off, or maybe when you right click the brush area you can have the choice to input shortcuts too as easy access buttons?

Just a couple thoughts as SAI is already awesome for touch screen but itd help to make it a teeeny bit more friendly for my gremlin fingers on a touch screen. thanks!
General Discussion / One Wonderful Night With Hyderabad Escorts
« Last post by hyderabadcity on July 26, 2018, 04:31:27 PM »
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SAI 2 / Missing Form,Texture,Blending ??? in Sai2
« Last post by 10Zero25 on July 24, 2018, 04:37:00 PM »
i cant find Form, Texture,Blending  all i can see is Misellaneous i wanna transfer my custom brush settings from sai1  ???  ???
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