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SAI in English / Saved SAI file disappeared from desktop
« Last post by Fokkusu on April 23, 2017, 01:06:39 AM »
I saved a canvas to my desktop, but the file has completely disappeared. The recent history of files opened with SAI doesn't even show it! What happened to my file? How do I get it back?
General / Verifying License for CSP EX 1.6.4
« Last post by novarashi on April 22, 2017, 07:45:07 PM »
Hello! Thank you for all the hard work people have done for the english translation. I'm excited to use it!

I seem to be having trouble verifying the license for Clip Studio Paint, and am wondering if anyone has any idea of an alternative method of verifying license without the website provided? Trying to get it done automatically brings up an error, and the website for the manual verification doesn't work either.

I'm running windows 10 on an American computer. I have tried putting CSP in my exceptions, and changing my locale. I have been receiving help from Celsys, but wanted to gather other options from outside sources.

Thank you!
SAI General / Full list of papertex and brushtex isn't showing
« Last post by Myah96 on April 20, 2017, 01:48:07 PM »
So I can't get the full list of textures to shop up I've tried scrolling all the way down, I renamed one of the files not showing with a 0 restarted and it appeared at the top of the list and all the other textures had been pushed down one so it's clear the textures are there but for some reason it's not letting me reach them, the scroll bar just doesn't go down far enough. I do have some custom textures that I used in my old version of Sai and have just moved to my new version, is there a limit on the number of textures you can have that I didn't know about?
I've installed the textures correctly and they're there just can't figure out why it won't let me reach them, thanks for the help.
General / Re: IllustStudio1.2.7 English Translation
« Last post by Spirou4D on April 19, 2017, 01:04:21 PM »
Hi EulerStalker,
I write you from France and I downloaded your two files and installed BANDIZIP like you said but the first file :
IllustStudio EN 1.2.7.z01 is said of 10 Mo and when I download it, i have just 2 100 800 octets or 2 Mo.....Your provider is in Japan may be?

The link is long to download and the step is broken??? for me....

How to solve this problem, please. I had the same problem with the second file but I finally managed to download it correctly.
Could you make unique zip archive and place this zip file on Dropbox or Google Drive for example...., please?
Namaste. :)

SAI 2 / Using the lineart tools seems to break Ctrl-Z
« Last post by BunniPlz on April 15, 2017, 03:35:26 AM »
Has this happened to anyone else?  At seemingly random, using the lineart path tools will cause the ctrl-z shortcut to stop working, but everything else seems to be fine.
General / Re: CLIP STUDIO MODELER English Translation
« Last post by wolfgee on April 14, 2017, 11:03:19 PM »
I did a clean install and it works, but as soon as I paste the translation dist., it get corrupted. I'll send you a few screen shots as soon as I get a chance.
General / Re: CLIP STUDIO MODELER English Translation
« Last post by wolfgee on April 14, 2017, 10:06:48 PM »
I just notice I can type the name of the model and then it can be imported, no textures tho.
General / Re: CLIP STUDIO MODELER English Translation
« Last post by wolfgee on April 14, 2017, 09:53:28 PM »
Hey man! Great job! I recently downloaded Modeler but I couldn't figure it out. I've been working for a while with an old translate of coordinate 1.1.4 but after the latest update of paint studio English, it says the format is old and can only use 1.5 version limited features, like slow models.

Anyways, I downloaded again Modeler today that I found your translation and it worked! I even signed in to get my 30 days full trial, but I realize a problem I notice before on the japanese version but I thought it was my settings, the program can't find any models! I usually work with fbx files, but the program can't seem to locate them on any folder, neither can see nor open coordinate files, I think the first day I tried it it opened a few fbx files but without textures, they worked with coordinate, but now it cannot see them at all. I tried installing on another computer and same think happened. Do you have any ideas why? I really want to buy the full version if I can make it work.
medibang paint use a lot of hotkeys like photoshop.

clip studio, well, share a bit of hotkeys, but had ones on its own.

i've sended you a private message. check it
Hi, thank you for replying, Keitou!
I've seen that Manga Studio is now named Clip Studio Paint. I am really tempted to try it. The problem is the price :( (200 USD is quite a lot).

I also already downloaded Medibang and I currently love it, specially since it's free. I am trying to decide whether to use Medibang or Clip Studio Paint right now. The problem with changing drawing Softwares is that you have to relearn everything from the software from the beginning, wich takes quite some time and patience :(  (like hotkeys and tricks).

But thanks a lot for the recommendations friend. Is there a way I can keep in touch with you? Like Facebook, Instagram, etc?

Have a nice day :)
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