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General / Re: CLIP STUDIO COORDINATE (1.0.0) ENGlish translation
« Last post by alise45647 on Today at 04:38:47 AM »
translations need previews versions,so i wondered how to download previews versions,i just replaced version numbers in links and it worked.
***for translate clipstudio coordinate you should install all clipstudio product series linked below***

download links:

translation link:

installation guid link:

 enjoy ;D
theres one problem with the RAR file. i tried to read the "Readme .text" but i can do anything without a password. HELP!!!!!  :o :'(
SAI 2 / Using the perspective tool in SAI 2
« Last post by khoala82 on January 21, 2017, 07:59:58 PM »
I am transitioning from the original SAI, and I am loving the new perspective grid tool.

I usually free hand landscapes with the lineart pen. Learning to intuitively use the perspective tool has been going decent so far. I was wondering if anyone knows of a technical demo/tutorial or has tips on how I should use the perspective drawing functions properly. I've yet to  understand what each of the colors do. (red, green and blue lines)

Should I be using 2 point or 3 point perspective?

I usually draw rooms and building exteriors.

SAI General / Re: Pen pressure randomly stops working - Yiynova tablet
« Last post by Keitou on January 20, 2017, 03:28:18 PM »

i don't know well that tablet of yours, but you may try to disable the wintab service and test it

this is the method to disable it.

i've read that this happends with SAI and CLIP STUDIO.

sai is lately know to have various issues with windows (after win 7, most users with 8 and 10 had issues) because there was no update and only the sai 2.0 seems to be the fix of this.

but i don't know what's happend with clip studio. sadly..

anyway, try to disable the wintab service, restart and try again.

let us know how's going :)

good luck
SAI General / Pen pressure randomly stops working - Yiynova tablet
« Last post by TheArcaneArts on January 20, 2017, 12:46:09 AM »
I've been using Sai for a long time, and I've been able to solve most of the issues I've had by myself; however, lately this issue has steadily become a greater problem to the point that it impedes me from doing work. Almost a year ago I switched from a Wacom Bamboo to a new Yiynova surface tablet (the MVP20U + RH specifically). At first it seemed I'd received a defunct pen, so I got a replacement, and all was good for about 8 months, until I started having the same issues--one of which was pen pressure no longer being detected. I now have a second replacement, and again, have the same issue. From what I've noticed, this is a problem that appears to be unique to Sai and Clip Studio Paint, as far as I know. Pen pressure will work at first, and then within a few minutes while I'm using it, it will randomly stop. When I open the tablet settings and test the pen pressue it still works fine, but no longer works in Sai unless I restart my computer. I saw someone else who had the same issue apparently had an old driver from a previous tablet conflicting, but I've removed every trace of my previous tablet that I can--I've cleared it from the registry editor, removed any lingering files manually, to the point that if you search for it nothing comes up. I've also tried Sai 2, which seems to work a little better, however the same issue occurs, and now sometimes Sai 1 doesn't register my pen at all, even though it works fine outside of the program (so it's likely not a hardware issue). I've tried uninstalling, deleting, and reinstalling Sai 1, Sai 2, and numerous versions of my tablet driver, including combinations of multiple drivers, and nothing has been a permanent solution. Just for context, pen pressure has never worked for this tablet in Photoshop, either. Because it has worked in the past and still works when I first start, I'd find it odd if it has anything to do with compatibility issues between my tablet drivers and Sai. I also have click detection pressure in the options menu set to 0, I've tried replacing batteries and pen nibs, and I have not changed my operating system or hardware at all within the time frame.

This issue didn't start occurring until a few months ago, but now I can't get it to go away, and I'm at a loss. I love Sai and I purchased my license in anticipation of 2 being released, and not being able to do my work for several months has probably shaved years off my life. If someone can help me solve this permanently, I will be in eternal gratitude.
General / Re: CLIP STUDIO PAINT English Translation
« Last post by crigo on January 02, 2017, 06:23:45 PM »
In Windows 10 you have ClipStudio Paint installed in folder:

C:\Program Files\CELSYS\CLIP STUDIO 1.5

under that there are these folders

clip studio
clip studio coordinate
clip studio modeler
clip studio paint

In the file "" you should found the same structure (not all subfolders are present).

So, you must simply copy the contents of into the "C:\Program Files\CELSYS\CLIP STUDIO 1.5"  folder,  overwriting current files with the translated ones.

That's all :)

SAI General / Re: Entering colour values manually
« Last post by Keitou on January 01, 2017, 04:12:17 PM »
sadly. no.

only by the levers or the color wheel  :'(
General / Re: CLIP STUDIO PAINT English Translation
« Last post by jojoba12 on December 31, 2016, 09:11:51 AM »
can someone explain how to install or use this patch on windows 10. I cant find anywhere to use it and i have the clip studio pro
General / Re: CLIP STUDIO PAINT English Translation
« Last post by jojoba12 on December 31, 2016, 01:24:57 AM »
can someone please explain how to download this on windows10? i cannot find a place to install it etc.
SAI General / Entering colour values manually
« Last post by Gelicider on December 30, 2016, 08:20:18 PM »
Is there any way to manually enter values to the RGB or HSV sliders in Paint Tool SAI?
SAI General / Re: After saving, work deleted/file corrupted (help!)
« Last post by Keitou on December 29, 2016, 05:40:26 PM »
just a suggestion, try to copy the SAI installed folder to the desktop.

and try again.

also, the SAI.EXE, execute it with a right click and RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.

do some doodles, save it in .SAI and later, save it in .PSD

then check it on photoshop

the corrupted one, forget it. if corrupted, can't do anything with those...
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