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SAI 2 / Re: Sai 2 Incoherence Error?
« Last post by ArtBleed on March 16, 2018, 11:10:24 PM »
You are a star. I just got this problem today for the first time.  This fix still works.  Thank you so much.
SAI General / Re: SAI Autosave 1.0.3
« Last post by alexandervrs on March 12, 2018, 09:11:00 PM »
Hmm I'll have to see how this handles if there's a conflict like this, I suppose this is what happened anyway. SAI1 is a bit weird with saving files fast and other programs trying to access the file at the same time, compared to SAI2.
Make sure you're also using the latest version (1.0.3), there were a couple bugs that caused the program to exit in the earlier versions
Slow day today so I added a few more features in and fixed some more bugs. Now it seems that the app works correctly.
Using ImageMagick's "sample" instead of resize now by default, should speed things up a lot but there's also the option to revert to the "resize" command or "scale" for better quality, if you need that

* version 1.6.0 (09 March 2018, 22:32 UTC+2)
Fixed: Used a more direct method for image conversion, cut down update delay by 3/4, also reduces memory usage
Fixed: An issue where ImageMagick calls would stack up each time a new PSD was loaded
Fixed: Changed initial maxMemory back to 256 which is safer for older machines
Fixed: "updateSpeed" default is now 50ms, set it higher in "SAP.Settings.ini" if it causes issues
Fixed: Removed "showDialog" error when could not remove cache directory
Fixed: Removed error/crash if you press ESC while PSD is updating
Fixed: Playback UI elements now hide when not needed
Fixed: Now using non-SDK version for nwjs, should strip all debug info and reduce filesize
Added: "updateSpeed" option in "SAP.Settings.ini" which controls how fast or slow the filewatcher updates your file after a save. Value is in milliseconds
Added: "autoplay" option in "SAP.Settings.ini" which controls if the animation will auto-play
Added: "scaleMethod" and "scaleBefore" option in "SAP.Settings.ini" to choose which resize algorithm to use for the preview and in what order
Added: "windowOffsetX" and "windowOffsetY" option in "SAP.Settings.ini" to let you fine tune the initial position of the window
Added: Extra checks for invalid values in "SAP.Settings.ini"
Finally got around to properly updating this, I needed to use it recently but it had quite the shortcomings. Updated first post with the link and info to new version 1.5.0

Changes include:
* version 1.5.0 (09 March 2018, 00:13 UTC+2)
Added: Filewatcher, removed Update button. The preview now auto-updates when you save your PSD file
Fixed: Hidden layers in the PSD are now correctly exported as well, no need to manually enable all layers anymore
Fixed: Image loading order fix, was often confusing file order after the 9th frame because it was using the filesystem sorting order
Added: Color option for changing the preview background color
Added: An ImageMagick check in the start of the program, it will throw an error and direct you to download ImageMagick if it can't find the "magick" command
Added: A button to close/unload the PSD
Fixed: Changed initial position of the window to take account of SAI's statusbar
Added: Keyboard shortcuts to playback the animation
Added: Clicking on the preview area now will also play/pause the animation
Added: A Rewind button that stops the animation and resets the current frame to 1
Added: A tray menu item to to be able to quit the app from the system tray icon
Added: UI changes & improvements
Added: Application's taskbar button is now hidden to avoid Taskbar clutter
Added: Settings are now saved and restored from in the file "SAP.Settings.ini", saves Color, FPS & Quality. If you delete this file, the program will generate a new one with the default values next time.
Added: MaxMemory setting in "SAP.Settings.ini" which changes the memory allocated to ImageMagick when exporting PSD layers. Default is 512, you can increase this number for larger files, but it might crash your computer if you set a memory limit larger than your computer can handle
Added: Auto-cleanup of the "~SAP.Cache" cache folder at the end

As you see, background color is now customizable, the image file order is fixed too, problem was the sort order was incorrect (was using the OS ordering instead of actual numeric sort). As for keeping the exported image files, I think I might just add an option to properly export them as PNG and GIF, though the scope of the application wasn't really the export part, but we'll see.  ;)

General / Re: CLIP STUDIO PAINT English Translation
« Last post by BrianK on March 06, 2018, 09:44:51 AM »
I wish they would just let us use an English version and support it properly. I personally don't want to buy any more software by CELSYS because of how stubborn they are at punishing the people who have gone through the hoops to support them financially and marketed for them within English world. :'(
SAI General / Color distortion in English Ver. Paint Tool Sai, help!
« Last post by Emocje on March 03, 2018, 09:57:30 PM »
Hi there! So I just joined this site to get an solution hopefully.

So. When I color my image on Paint Tool Sai, and I upload it somewhere else, like deviantART, Furaffinity, or even look at the photo with my normal photo preview that comes with my computer. The color is completely different than what I thought it was while coloring it. Even in MS paint, it does the same thing. Color is very ugly. I don't think it's my laptop because it looks fine when I open it as a preview. My tower computer shows the wrong colors as well.

I'm so unsure of what to do. I gave my friend the same download file to my friend and she doesn't have an issue with it doing that.

My laptop is a Fujitsu Lifebook L series. It uses Windows 7. It's old. But it shows the right colors everywhere else except on my art programs.
General Discussion / How do I move a ->selected area<- in multiple layers?
« Last post by ThimbleFire on March 02, 2018, 10:24:38 PM »
I'm drawing a face and I've found everything above the lips is too high up.

How can I move a single area (not the whole layer) in multiple layers?

Google and Youtube results only explain how to move entire layers, not an area within the batch of layers.  ???
General Discussion / How to update Sai 2 without losing saved brushes?
« Last post by RemyWolf on February 23, 2018, 03:16:17 AM »
I bought Sai 2 several months ago, and now need to update to the latest version.  I've downloaded the update files, but honestly I'm just not sure what to do with them.  This may be a very silly question, but how do you update without losing your saved brush settings and such?
General Discussion / Cannot color under line art layer - please help!
« Last post by Zoodle on February 11, 2018, 03:38:53 AM »
Hi everyone,

I'm trying to color in some line art, but there's an issue with the line art layer. Whenever I make a new layer, move it under the line art layer, and try to color, nothing appears. However, I can see that there is color on the new layer, because it appears on the layer's "thumbnail" to the left of the canvas.
I also tried just going to the line art layer and using the bucket tool to fill it in, but it made the entire layer that color and even colored over the line art as if it wasn't there. I'm not sure what to do  :'(

Has anyone dealt with this issue before? I don't know how this happened, and I've worked so hard on the line art that I really don't want to start over.

Thanks for reading!
SAI General / Re: SAI Autosave 1.0.3
« Last post by MayuTheDemon on February 09, 2018, 12:39:43 PM »
hello i just downloaded this and i got a question
so while i was using it it autosaved but then i press control S and turned the program off and when i went back in it it wasnt saves like the auto save and the save i done didnt apply?????
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