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that's obvious, dear restorer,

but my question here is logical, after downloaded a supossed "full" versión on this web (yes, says "full": PaintTool SAI English Pack 1.1.0 Full (fixed for Vista and Win7)), and after view that it is not "full", just "trial"...

anyway, thanks.

would love to receive solutions via private message, thanks. 

First all, hello everyone, and sorry for my english, and sorry (one more time) if this is a repeating post.

Well, i'll try to explain myself:

i've downloaded the english version of SAI on this web ( ) 1 month ago, everything great with the program, i really love it..... then, after this trial version expired, i've seen that the program still works (great), yes, still i can paint, BUT the options of saving file and export file (even open an existing SAI file) does not work anymore (not so great, eh?), so i can't to save my paintings.  :(

one -very rudimentary- solution to save my paintings as jpg, is doing a capture of the full screen (with the SAI opened, obviously), and after to open that image on Photoshop, and save the image as jpg, sure... but is SOOO slow and fatiguing.... and the problem with the option of saving file (as SAI file) and opening existing SAI file, remains....

solutions?   :(

thanks for all.

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