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SAI General / Re: How can I make high resolution images?
« on: June 10, 2008, 01:01:59 AM »
isn't there anyway to bypass this limit? a hack or something?

SAI General / How can I make high resolution images?
« on: June 08, 2008, 05:46:08 PM »

I want to make a 7000x5000 px Image in Sai cause i have scanned something and want to retouch. But Sai says it cannot create such a picture with the following message:

And even if i change the settings in the options like the first screen says  it doesn't change anything and SAI says the first error message again:

What can I do to make a picture with big resolution?

SAI General / Re: My SAI trial ended, what do I do now?
« on: April 01, 2008, 08:50:17 PM »
Nice. :)

But you've forgotten to answer my question "why the cracking tutorials are deleted now?". 

By the way, can you tell me some freeware tools which have pressure compatibility and a watercolor tool which mixes with the color on the ground like sai?  :)

« on: April 01, 2008, 08:41:29 PM »
Enjoy your crack and your corrupted files.
Where are corrupted files? I cant see. Sorry...

you are right at some point, but nowadays internet is everywhere and even in handheld, so i guess it is Impossible to Not find internet access!!...

you can simply copy your system ID and find internet resource and get your license, while the software on the other hand has reset trail days for you to 30 again...  Grin

for me is weird and annoying ?? but we can get used to it Smiley

And what if the company goes bankrupt? Then where do you get your license?
When you buy a toaster you won't throw it away cause the manufacturer has gone bankrupt.

SAI General / Re: My SAI trial ended, what do I do now?
« on: April 01, 2008, 02:27:24 AM »
what the heck IS this?
all the "how to crack" threads suddenly are gone or changed into "how to buy" threads.....!
they were here, so why they are deleted now? why not two month or something before cause it`s illegal? today it is as illegal as it was ie. in february. so why now?
and not everyone does have money or the opportunity to deal with virtual money... and there are of course people who would rather deal with virus infected cracks than trusting e-money services....!

now i only can read from obsessed poeple things like "BUY BUY BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oneoneone" and thats definitely not good for my or everyone elses eyes. i think i'm off here...

« on: April 01, 2008, 02:00:44 AM »
The licensing thingy IS shit. I think everytime you format you'll get a new System ID and have to download this goddam licence again. Which means this is another programm that can't exist completely "offline" after you downloaded it.
Buying things that make contingent on someone ore some kind of website is stupid!
Can't they simply send a serial number via email like in the good old programs? No, everytime new NEW trendy and more newer than NEW bullshit. At least they could make an older Version (ie. 0.5) Freeware. but NO! only commerce!

Kill me - but cracks rule!
(Perhaps i am thinking this cause cracking is easier than making real money to virtual money going to someone else...)

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