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SAI in English / Re: Unfiltered exception : Fatal error
« on: June 30, 2010, 03:46:59 AM »
I don't think there's anything to download when I click on it? Thanks for the help though :)

However, in case anyone else has this problem, I did discover that it only happens when I have Photoshop open at the same time. If I close PS and work in SAI with my tablet it's perfectly fine.

SAI in English / Unfiltered exception : Fatal error
« on: April 02, 2010, 11:32:06 AM »
Yesterday I got a new computer with Windows 7 Professional, and my Intuos2 tablet seems to be having trouble with SAI. It's alright in Photoshop, but whenever I open a new file in SAI and start drawing, it'll come up with this error:

Sometimes it won't even create a new canvas before the error comes up. However, if I draw using the mouse, it works fine - it's only when I start to use my tablet that the error pops up. Is there any way I can resolve this? I've tried modifying misc.ini and that doesn't seem to fix it. Thanks!

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