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General / Buy illuststudio mail order to anywere in the world!
« on: June 20, 2010, 11:06:28 AM »
ok well i love this website dankedanke

You can shop from any website in japan and get what ever you buy shipped directly to your door and i mean any online website in japan it does not even matter if they only do local shipping only in japan you can still get it shipped to your door by using this website ^^

dankedanke -------> []

buy it, using cracks is illegal

i did buy it lol it is just most people would rather have the crack then buying it ...

oke well OMG I found illuststudio cracked version 1.1.1 but it is is Chinese T^T and  Majikkuwando does not have a Chinese to English translation !!! like omg we need to get this as soon as possible!!! look here i found the website were they release the cracks!! website--> illust studio part of site--> here is thread-->

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