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General / Re: CLIP STUDIO PAINT English Translation
« on: March 05, 2014, 02:32:21 AM »
Thank you sir =)

General / Re: CLIP STUDIO PAINT English Translation
« on: March 01, 2014, 12:37:57 AM »
Indeed. according to google translate, gradiant layers are back. God I was missing them from Illuststudio!

General / Re: Clip Studio slower than illuststudio
« on: January 14, 2013, 08:20:04 PM »
It seems it was just a case of not 1:1 setting producing different results. The conversion of the brush made a few changes that slowed it quite a lot. Once restaured to exactly 1:1 settings it seems to be the same perf.

One thing that has changed thus is the removal of the brush emulation. It wasn't that great in the first place compared to Painter or even SAI, but I had some uses for it. Guess I'll have to create a form of replacement.

The ability to have any tool working with the reference layer and not just the aero is awesome thus, as is better font support. It will probably justify the switch for me.

General / Re: Clip Studio slower than illuststudio
« on: January 10, 2013, 11:05:05 AM »
Wow, no reply ?

General / Clip Studio slower than illuststudio
« on: January 08, 2013, 06:12:58 AM »
I've just decided to replace my no longer updated illuststudio with regularly (for now?) updated clip studio paint pro and I wonder if others here have the same mixed bag of feeling than I do. While some of the new stuff in the UI is neat and while the rework on tools (with a more flexible matrice to tie a brush parameter to a stylus parameter) has some cool features, some othe changes are a PITA.

My main grip is that after importing my illuststudio tools I have to face the fact that they are much slower - actually up to a point I am not even sure I can use it for work. This is pretty unexpected as Illuststudio is always one of the fastest drawing software on my rig. (i7 2600k - 8Go DDR3 - SSD) I noticed Open GL has disappeared from the option so maybe this is linked ? Does CSPP support hardware acceleration ?

On the top of that there a few other regression, which while not dramatic also are a PITA. The fully detailed tool setting can't be displayed like the other pane and on a Cintiq 21 is really unhandy : you're forced to specify tool by tool the relevant parameters to display in the tool menu which is often more time spend than saved. There is no more opacity slider in the mixer, a very interesting characteristic of illuststudio. The inking brush has been removed and former brush using that specific engine are converted to pattern brush in CSPP, loosing all the amount of ink and amount of dots settings. You can't remove the entirely useless top bar. A lot of things are less flexible etc.

Am I the only one here frustrated by a new software that seems hardly an improvement on the previous one ? Am I missing something ?

Is there any way to create, like, categories for brushes so that I can load certain category when I need it or something?  Because it's really a pain if I cannot install more than 255 without erasing some...

Didn't know there was this kind of limit. 255 brushes in one brush kind or all brushes added? Also I undertsand you can store tool preset i.e. one brush type + its setting or just "style", ie some parameters (basic + extended tabs I think) regardless of anything that comes with the brush type (starting from the brush type itself). So maybe you may solve this by balancing what you save as "tool preset" and what as "style". Not saying it's a good fix - any sort of limit certainly sucks. At least in SAI you could work this around by just creating several folder of SAI and creating a different setup for each one.

If you don't already know this, brushes are stored in something like "myDocuments\IllustStudio Ver1 Ý’è" and if you figure it out you may be able as well to do what you want by moving some folders. Good thing is that I think it would work without a need to quit and relaunch IS.

Well, just try MyPaint and you'll immediately see it's not really the same. MyPaint takes a whole new approach aiming at doodling. You dont set up canvas size ; canvas size just extand when needed. By default, it saves every doodling. There is no selection tool, no copy or paste. Really it's kind of a digital sketchbook. It's all designed so you have fun with it, and fun you have. It also aimed to be suited for kids. I certainly plan to let mine use it on the tablet PC. Can you do pro stuff with it ? Certainly, there's even a New York Times cover that was made on an iPhone... But it's not self sufficient, I think.

Brush wise, it seems very, very tweakable and include pretty advanced rendering techniques. Ray Miranda did some bloody great brushes for it (the guy's good !). It's more advanced than SAI or Illustudio to that regard - and gives more controle than Painter. But out of brushes, it really is a desert feature wise.

Another day with IS. Some things looks really neat. Memory usage seems efficient. You seem to be able to have different resolution for each layer - I have to think the new opportunity it provides. More importantly, the "feel" of the brushes (i.e. responsiveness) is really brilliant. Maybe it's just me but I am under the impression it's something different than other soft I used.

The gap parameter all alone makes IS a must have to me. Now for the rest... have you ever tried to see, when you find an image on the web, if you can tell which software has been used ? Most of the time, you can't and the best you have is an educated bet. Even some digital painting which screems "bleed" all the way end up being just good ol' PS (well, 90% is PS anyway so...). And IS is substantially better than PS brush wise (and immensely as a drawing tool), so I am not seriously pretending I won't be able to get roughly what I need out of it. I mean, I already have an inking brush that excites me more than what I've with SAI, and an airbrush only corel painter can beat. IS is a revolution, a huge step up to many regards and I am gonna push it in every talk. I may have given the impression I was bitching about it or praising SAI (which already is a great software IMO) but really I was just answering points or giving personnal feedback in some details. I've also worked in software design and I thought it was really unfair to SAI to say its brush system isn't good. Yes the artifact are annoying but seriously, all the method, fiber emulations, pattern, have some. I feel SAI idea is really, really brilliant. It's very CPU efficient, it delivers a rich and consistent texture in any smooth stroke, it's easy to grasp, easy to control, easy to experiment with. It brings more liveliness and expression to your stylus than any Corel Painter  or PS brush can. It doesn't really emulate anything, it's just a smart compromise optimal for what's really needed in digital painting. Now of course that's just my own experience with it but I really misses that system. PS is dead brushes to me, Corel Painter is wrong design choices ; with SAI I hade for the first time the feeling that something really simple and workable was created by a software designer who really understood what CG was about for real.

Use a round dab with a texture in SAI and in Illuststudio and you'ill immediately see why SAI is offering something unusual and pretty appropriate if you need a rich material in the stroke that doesn't look like a shaken pattern. Spend litteraly hours trying to get something that looks like this in Illuststudio. The only way I can think of is creating a big multibrush but that would take ages, a lot of ressources, wouldn't be as smooth and would only work at full opacity (or be very choppy).

Now if you have a suggestion on how to make one single brush that can do what I've shown here in Illuststudio (or in PS, or even in Corel Painter actually) that would help a lot. I have 90+ pages to do in the next four month so now is the good time to prepare brushes :P

(note that by doing this I found a wat to reproduce your bug, although it rather seems to happen on pressure variation rathen than on an angle.)

Another request to the people here : I really have a lot of crashes here. The good thing is that I can reproduce it : start Illuststudio, create a selection, convert it to a mask on your layer, try to save as .xpg = = = > crash. I looked in the support forum via google translate and no one being speaking about that (and the bug being pretty huge), I suspect not a lot of people have it... Does it ring a bell to any of you guys ?

EDIT : ok, this will probably be of concern to anyone here. I replaced my tool folder (translated via Majikuwando) with the orignial one and it is now working fine. It appears it was a wrong idea to get illuststudio.exe translated. I put back the original one and everything is fine (and seems to keep translated AFAICT).

to Coda :

- I've got two hands like most people, so my left hand is best used somewhere than nowhere :P. Actually being able to switch a tool in the middle of a line is one key contribution CG can give you to discover new styles and techniques. AFAICT every friend I have that uses a wacom has one hand on the keyboard and the other on the wacom. Oh and a wacom (cintiq or intuos) doesn't allow you to bind a lot of keys on it - I'd say you commonly need 10 keybinds (space, alt, shift, ctrl, undo, redo, switch color, eraser, and on SAI rotation are absolute must ) and as only the key on the side of your freehand are easy to reach that gives you only 5 keys. So what happen is that you can't get rid of your keyboard and end up not using the wacom's key at all because your hand is simply not there. Actually if you read about wacom's users in the forum, complaining about those keys is a classic.

Note that I aslo have a tablet PC and when I use it, I have no keyboard at all, so I perfectly know what it's like to work without. It's ok. But it's better with!

- I gave you exemple of four software that kicks PS ass in term of brushes. Don't know what you have against Artrage but Try to get a brush or even a 2B like the ones Artrage provides on photoshop... good luck. Now of course you can't control it the way you cand with pattern based brushes so if there is only one brush engine, it's the best option. But we're in 2010, there are plenty of CG soft. It's ok for PS to be stuck in prehistory because as you noted, it's a photo editing software. But it's not for Illuststudio, which is aimed at illustrators (which BTW is not the case of Adobe Illustrator which is aimed at graphic designers and is very rarely used for illustration, precisely because it has no bitmap brush - you just can't paint with it and even draw is pretty raw).

- I think you had no luck with SAI's watercolor. I use Ray Miranda brushes that I found on this very forum, tweaked it a bit, carefully read the part of the manual that explain the method to get a watercolor rendering and I had something I never achieved to get from Painter (see the first pane here, all of it is done with one single watercolor brush in just a few stroke - I'd be glad if you can show me some PS or ever Corel brush that provides me such a lively material). First  no matter how big your CPU is, Painter will explode when you'll do your very first watercolor move, ie paint the background with a large brush and a light color. For me it is instantly endgame for Corel Painter and I suspect it is for other else we wouldn't see that much CG professionnal still using PS's no blend, no fiber brushes with pop up color picker while Painter is available for more than a decade now...

SAI is undoubtedly the Art Program that I will always come back to. I've experimented with GIMP(Hated it. It lags like hell, also the interface was aggravating), Pixia(. . . Nothing much to say, but it's a neat little program.), ArtRage(It's really good, being able to emulate traditional media. But still, laggy as hell. I only use it if I absolutely HAVE to achieve a certain effect), PhotoShop(I found that the colors seemed more vibrant, but also very blotchy with uneven tone. I guess that's because of how PS blends colors. And plus, it doesn't lag at ALL. . . until I've had it open for upwards of an hour.), Painter(I don't use it. It's nice, but it requires more resources than available) and a whole slew of various openware/freeware programs.

Some notes : GIMP is not the same as GIMP Paint Studio. GPS and Art Rage are not laggy at all here (Actually Art Rage probably is the smoothest CG software on my system...), so maybe it's a CPU or local issue you have. That being said I didn't use those two soft for other reasons.  Photoshop shop certainly has his own color feel but I wouldn't praise it because it's actually based on a loss in energy in the color (explained here). I suspect SAI's vivid layer mode is a blending wich keep the energy while mixing color. Oh, and if your system lag after one hour of PS, you should definitvely investigate because even on way slowest computer it's not suppose to happen.

The problem is when you use less than 100% minimum size, it smudges at a weird 45º angle.

I can't reproduce that here at any min size BTW. Actually I just did ~30 pages with SAI and a watercolor tool of the same kind than in your example and never had anything like it (would have mind ! :P). Pretty odd...

You got used to SAI way TOO MUCH... SAI is the ONLY software that allows to bind a key to whichever tool.
This is surrealistic. As I said, anyone doing this for real create is set of tool and switch between a number of them. So anyone doing this for real need to be able to keybind his tool preset more often than a tool from the palette. This should be obvious to any software designer doing his job, i.e. monitoring his target user and analyzing his actions (quality, quantity). I mean, I didn't need SAI to come to bitch about that. I was already bitching about it 10 years ago, this is so ridiculous. I say it loud : any CG software designer that doesn't features this from the very start is a moron, period !

Celsys brushes have very similar mechanics to PS ones, it is all a question the perfect equation,

Wait... pattern brushes (i.e PS ones) is the most basic way of dealing with brushes. How can you speak about perfect equation ? There's a heap of software with real tech put into brushes : Corel Painter, Artrage, SAI... Just yesterday I was trying MyPaint, which is free. One of its focus are Brushes and you can instantly see how much more advanced this small free app is, brush wise, than photoshop. Actually I am pretty sure Gimp Paint Studio also beat the crap out of PS on that regard. So yes, pattern brushes are pretty versatile and you can reach a decent approximation of what you need with enough tweaks - exactly what I am working at in the last two days with Illuststudio. But seriously, just checking with the competition shows clearly how outdated, or at least marginal is that approach to brush rendering. Doing just that (I was wrong, even brush pen are pattern based in IS) is.... really lowering the expectations to say the least.
Note that *not having it*, either, is equally missed - I agree that wouldn't hurt to have it in SAI too :P

That fringe is imo most useless effect there is.. it is pixel based... not percentage... (if it was ment to create watecolor-edge (paper) effect... well it fails >.>) doesn't even effect the entier stroke... only the edge of the coverage... srly.. what did you fall in love there

Well, the thing with real watercolor is that it actually doesn't effect the stroke, but the edge of the coverage. Else, instead of having a fringe just around the shape you've just painted, you would have one for every stroke you made to create that shape which would look ugly and very far from any real watercolor render you could get IRL... Exactly the way it looks in Illuststudio unless you smudge it with the appropriate bleed setting - which is ok and allows decent watercolor but still - it's really not slick and clean software design.

Now don't get me wrong, I am actually switching to Illuststudio from Sai. But in all honesty there some pretty cheesy stuff left in Illuststudio at the moment, especially considering it is specialized for illustration, which is highly brushes dependent. Yes it improves photoshop but most of the competition is way more ambitious than that, SAI included. 

The point of selection pen is to be very fast to use. You shortcut it and then you can use it every two minutes, something you'll never do if you have to bother creating a layer, selecting it, hiding it, cleaning it when it's done... Of course Illustudio can't shortcut a tool anyway...

The more I play with the brushes, the more I feel it needs in depth work from Celsys. For instance, if you start to play with orientation while having a thickness < 100%, the result is just to ugly to be used. That's not serious... Go to work, Celsys !

BTW SAI's way of dealing with texture is very, very special. I don't think any other software does it this way. At 0%, it's just a circle with no texture. But increase the value, and the fringe of that circle start to be texturised by applying a threshold to the texture and taking the stronger part of it. The more texture, the smaller the untexturized part of the circle (at 50, there's no more) and the broader the fringe are that is texturized. This appears to be really smart. Basicaly it allows a continuity in the texture that pattern can't give - and you don't even have to bother with extra parameters as all in the texture. Depending on the density or the texture setting, you can either have sharp touch with expressive border or soft texturing brush - oh, and there is no interval setting to worry about, and no CPU strain associated. I don't think it's possible to get something equivalent with Illuststudio. Bloody brilliant!

I quickly tried it but was under the impression it wasn't good enough brush wise (as you can see, I am pretty demanding on that front). Actually I thoughtthat illuststudio would be just better than Manga Studio for everything ? Inking and masking seems way better, and that's some of the critical stuff in the workflow...

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