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General Discussion / Re: Sai not working with wacom profiles.
« on: June 19, 2018, 04:30:43 AM »
Seems to still not want to calibrate. This problem is only on Sai 2 though,   :'(

Went through all the calibration fixes

General Discussion / Re: Sai not working with wacom profiles.
« on: June 19, 2018, 03:44:27 AM »
Aww man, poor Sai v1 :'(

I have installed and used Sai 2 before (out of interest), when I was trying other programs for this problem, there was a whole new, potentially even worse problem reared its head. It seems that when I draw, the pen mark comes out super offset, Like a couple inches at least(images attached). I thought the preblem I was having was much easier to fix, and I also like to use Sai v1 better personally, but if this problem can get fixed I can live with Sai v2

General Discussion / Re: Sai not working with wacom profiles.
« on: June 19, 2018, 03:05:10 AM »
one of the main issues with most tablets, is the deadly windows 10.
i had an issue with my huion kamvas that was resolved with the actual driver.
the wacom intuos PTS is the blue one? anyway, you may try to reinstall it, but install it as an ADMIN.

left click over the install icon and then proceed.

the best practice for this process is this

1 ) control panel -> programs and features -> and unistall.
2 ) unplugg the tablet.
3 ) search for the tablet driver and have ir at hand (the desktop is good place)
4 ) restart
5 ) install the drivers with ADMIN RIGHTS
6 ) wait 'till end and RESTART (DO NOT PLUG THE TABLET!)
7 ) call de RUN (windows key + R) and type services.msc
8 ) check for any WACOM service is AUTOMATIC and STARTED
9 ) if all ok, connect the tablet.
10 ) try SAI (if you have other drawing soft, test it. i recommend medibang paint and firealpaca)

let us know.  :)

Hey :)

So I went through all the steps (to the best of my understanding) and it seems the problem is still prevailing. The driver seemed to install fine and I set back up my profile (this time just for all programs) and it seemed to work for everything else, accept SAI. Super bizarre. I even tried medibang and the profile worked fine. Do you think this is a problem on wacom's side? seems odd that everything else is working fine, but not sai  ::)

General Discussion / Re: Sai not working with wacom profiles.
« on: June 18, 2018, 11:25:25 PM »
1) which version of sai do you use?
2) which wacom tablet do you have?
3) which windows do you have?
4) which driver did you install?

let me know this to check on what I can help you (lately i've become somehow a IT support haha)  ;D

1) version 1.2.5 ( Sai 1 i guess?)
2) Wacom Intuos PT s (according to desktop center)
3) Windows 10, along with the newest windows update (which i think might be the cause of the mischief)
4) The most recent i think. It updated right when i logged on to the wacom Desktop center, then restarted. I noticed the problems and then tried updating using the drivers from the website, the most recent ones

Note: Thanks so much for helping :)

General Discussion / Sai not working with wacom profiles.
« on: June 16, 2018, 09:19:50 PM »
Really don't know if this is a problem with Sai or wacom or both, but after the new fall update (which was forced down my throat by windows) the wacom profile for Sai doesn't work whatsoever, my main problem being the option where it allows you to portion off your tablet to use only one monitor. This is forcing me to use essentially 1/4 of the space of my tablet, which is pretty small to begin with. Why i think this is a problem with Sai is because the profiles seem to be working with all my other programs ( chrome, desktop, Osu, etc.) It only seems to be acting up for Sai (which is what i mainly use my tablet for in the first place).

Things i have tried:
1. Upgrading drivers
2. Uninstalling and reinstalling drivers
3. Removing and reinstalling Sai

TL;DR: Title, send help

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