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General / License verification problem!
« on: November 27, 2017, 02:47:30 PM »

Guys, I've just purchased CSP 1.6.8 (English version) on sale and installed it. But I can't register its license and the CSP starts as trial version! No response from Customer support so far.

There's an old Jap version of CSP 1.3.0 on the same computer. It has it's own serial number. My new serial number for the CSP 1.6.8 is different. So I believe there's a serial number conflict, which doesn't allow new CSP 1.6.8 (English) to be registered and verified.  So far I can't deactivate the old CSP 1.3.0 (Jap), as I can't find it's full serial number ( installed it in 2013!). In this situation, I'm scared to uninstall my old CSP while working on an art project, as I'm not sure if I can register CSP 1.6.8 correctly.

 Is there any way to erase info about the old CSP Jap license and register my new CSP English one?

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