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I've searched the forum and found several topics with similar issues but none of the offered solutions solved my problem.

OS: WIN 7 64bit
tablet: UGEE2150
File location: root C: PaintToolSai (or C/program files/painttoolsai)
SAI version: 1.1.0 = working perfectly (both trial and cracked)
SAI version: 1.2.0 = not working (neither trial nor cracked)
SAI version: SAI2 = working

Solution 1:
Disable display scaling on high DPI settings = SAI unresponsive to tablet, the cursor doesn't move at all

Solution 2: disable windows pen&touch options (flicks and windows ink) = SAI unresponsive to tablet, the cursor doesn't move at all

Solution 3: edit the misc.ini file (change TabletCursorMode from 0 to 1, change TabletMouseSimulation form 0 to 1, change AvoidoldWacomBug from 0 to 1) = SAI responds to tablet, I can draw and click with the pen on the buttons and options BUT there is no pressure sensitivity

Solution 4: reinstall tablet drivers and SAI software (first I de-installed SAI, removed all registry entries I was able to find connected to SAI, de-installed tablet drivers, rebooted, installed tablet drivers and fresh SAI) = same problems occur, nothing changes

Solution 5: run SAI in several different compatibility modes, run as administrator = changes nothing

In trial mode of SAI 1.2.0 the tablet is recognized and I can move the cursor but it's offset, ex. the pen is positioned in the middle of the screen but the cursor is about two-three inches to the left.

Both the trial and cracked SAI 1.1.0 are working perfectly but if I update with the official updater I have once more the same issue with the offset cursor. Does anyone have any ideas or possible other solutions? I already figured it's not a tablet issues since it's working perfectly when I close SAI or use other software (Paint, photoshop etc.)

I wanted to buy the software to support the developer because I really think it's a brilliant tool for digital artists but I really won't pay that much money for something I won't be able to update!

Thank you all in advance!

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