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General / Re: Loss of quality between Clip Studio and Photoshop
« on: December 29, 2015, 01:15:10 PM »
Thanks for the reply.
My version is 1.4.3 though, so I don't know what is the cause. They should have corrected it in your version then. I wonder if it happens in the english version of Clip too.

If I have the courage, I will try the japanese forums on celsys or ask them directly (that's gonna be fun, asking them in my crappy japanese X) )

General / Loss of quality between Clip Studio and Photoshop
« on: December 23, 2015, 11:41:18 AM »

I've a little problem I can't figure out:

I made little icons in Clip studio using the G-pen tool, I had to make them looking like rough sketches. When I switched to Photoshop to export them in the right size, the quality changed. It looks like the lines got thinner.  ::)

I used this presets and I even tried with all of them checked, it doesn't change a bit.

Have someone already had this problem? I don't know if it comes from the G-pen or something else.

Thank you very much for replying me! :)

General / Re: CSP translation for Mac
« on: January 14, 2014, 04:49:09 PM »
 Thank you very much! I didn't see that post (I feel stupid, but hey, I can't read hangul... :'( ).
Unfortunately I can't try it right away but I think it should work.

My Mac has a 64bit processor, does that mean I have to use the "program file x64" folder?

It worked perfectly thank you so much! Now I feel totally stupid! ;D
I will delete this thread later, thanks again and again and again!

General / CSP translation for Mac
« on: January 11, 2014, 11:07:23 PM »
Hello, I'm really sorry to bother you (again), but I really don't understand how to install the english translation for CSP on Mac. I don't know if I should have asked this question on the main thread but I don't want to "take too much place" with it.... :(

 Last time I installed the english translation (it was the 1.2.5 or 1.2.7 version), I had to replace the "other" file in the "resource" folder. On the first page of the main thread there isn't the the "how to install" anymore. 네로네로 kindly shows how to install it on her site but on windows. And if I follow what it says, I would have to uninstall CSP? that's where I'm a little lost because last time I just had to change a file and that's what I did this time but I screwed my CSP (had to put the japanese files back in it).

Furthermore, I don't understand the "program files x64" and "program files x86" folders. I opened my CSP files to see which one was the right one (you don't have to use both of them...right?)...

So, I went where I changed my files, and I noticed that the "other" folder in CSP has 4 files :
the "other" folder under the "program files x64" folder has three of them and the same goes with  the "other" folder under the "program files x86" folder. But each of them has two files in common (underlined in red) and the third file is either in the "program files x64" folder (underlined in green) or in the "program files x84" folder (underlined in dark blue).

And the "japanese" folder in CSP has the three files from the "program files x84".... :P

If I follow what I did last time, these files are the most important right? But which one should I use? both of them?
That's where I don't understand how to put them in the CSP files....I personally don't want to uninstall and reinstall CSP, but if it's the only possibility, well...

(By the way, does the "english.lproj" folder has anything to do with an english translation made by CELSYS?)

Sorry for bothering you with a "how to install the english translation" issue but I'm just totally lost right now  :'(

Sorry if my english is not right or if I confused you ^^' and thank you very much for answering me.

Have a nice day.

General / Re: CLIP STUDIO PAINT English Translation
« on: December 13, 2013, 03:29:29 PM »
The latest translation update that NeroNero shared with us works in my Mac (CPS version 1.3)

Mmh, I'm sorry but how do you install this on a mac? I'm totally lost because I have the impression it only works on windows (or I totally messed up my csp ::)  ) could you show me how to do it please?
Thanks  :)

General / Re: Several questions
« on: December 12, 2013, 03:05:04 PM »
OH MON DIEU ! mais tu te rends compte de ce que tu viens d'écrire ? ! c'est l'équivalent d'une page ou plus d'un livre sacré pour moi ! t'as fait ça tout seul? mon Dieu, je t'admire là, chapeau bas, je me prosterne à tes pieds, j'aurais jamais cru que tu me répondrais avec autant d'efficacité ! j'aimerais pouvoir faire plus que te dire "merci" parce que là je suis juste ébahie par ton post ! Merci merci merci merci merci merci ! ! (sans compter les autres d'avant, c'est juste génial ! merci merci merci merci !)

There is just no words to express the enlightenment you've just provided me! this is just so damn helpful for me and it makes CSP even better! you should make a masterpost on a forum or on your blog because I think it's really interesting and incredible! (or you want me to change the title of this thread with an amazing "OMfgfevi'madumbgirl"?) It must have took you so long just for answering me, it must have been tough to make all these charts, I'm just totally impressed, you really know this software well ! 
And I don't count all this gifs you've put, you can't make it any more clear ! you can't understand how thrilled I was when I saw your post, I'm gonna enshrine it probably...  :D
You sir, are a genius. There's no other way to explain it ! (or perhaps I'm just totally stupid ⎝(´∓▽ ∓` )ゝ )

You've just made my day, it' my un-birthday today and it couldn't have been any better!
Thanks again and now all the thanks I know
Merci infiniment Thank you so much Muchas gracias Muito obrigada Grazie mille Gratias ago Danke shön شكرا جزيلا  Болъшое спасибо どうもありがとうございます 万分感谢  정말 고마워  !

Have a wonderful day !

ps: Oh also, your last  brush seems amazing, what brush tip did you use? you made it yourself? haaaaan I wish I could make these as good as yours...

General / Re: Several questions
« on: December 03, 2013, 07:59:59 PM »
Oh mon Dieu, jamais je ne pourrais assez te remercier ! dès que j'ai lu ton post, je me suis sentie super c*nne!  :'(

Never would have I thought dragging the icon although it's the most logical thing to do and never would have I thought about using a grey layer ! I feel so stupid XP but thank you sir, your post was very informative and your gifs very interesting, thank you thank you thank you!

About my last question, I'll begin easily (but it'll get really complicated!). A pixiv user has made a post in which he shows the values to input in CSP for a Sai brush (in fact, it's about the pen (or pencil?), the blur and the marker brushes), it's in japanese but the images speak for all here : (just click on the image, it will open a new window with the other ones)
But the values he shows are not the same at all. For CSP, he uses 50 for resaturation, 100 for density and 0 for extension. The default values in Sai are blending-50 ; dilution-0 and persistence- 80.

Sai  混色 literally means "mixed color" 水分量 water/humidity quantity 色延び  color application

In CSP, it would be 絵の具量 literally meaning "color quantity" (resaturation in english) 絵の具濃 color density  (density) 色延び color application (extension) respectively.

(btw, is there a  "keep opacity" button somewhere in CSP?)

Well here, you can think except persistence/extension  being the same thing, the rest isn't the same at all.  But 混色/mixed color is the color blend mode in CSP (color mix is a watercolor-like mode as in SAI right?). So, i thought that the values would be more or less the same in Sai or CSP.
However, I took the time to test these three settings so I could see if there were the same and well...
This site (in japanese)
shows how to use them with SAI. I made the same thing in a way MORE simple way in CSP : I haven't played with the density and opacity settings but it's worth it I guess...?
So I used the first watercolor brush in the list and I changed only the brush density and the opacity both lowered at 50. I also used the same colors.

(The neat images are from the site I gave above, and the numbers under are the values I put.

NB : for the resaturation setting (image in the bottom left-hand corner), I put a number given above but no values (well, 0) were put for the density and the extension settings. I did the same with the density setting (image in the upper left-hand corner).
As for the extension setting (image in the right), it was necessary to put values in the two other settings : I used for the resaturation and the density a value of 50.

The first noticeable thing is that 100 in SAI would generally correspond to 0 in CSP but there are other settings to consider which can't make it totally true.
So, if you consider only that, you can guess it would be easy to make a CSP brush out of SAI by putting the...opposite value?
It's getting really complicated I believe and I'm not even sure myself if I understand this well, but when I look at how the pixiv user made a SAI brush-like in CSP, I hoped it would be simple to make some kind of connection between the SAI and CSP values....
I'm totally confused with how CSP brush functions work and I find SAI less confusing on that point. But I really like CSP and I would like to be able to understand how these settings work.

Sorry if I made mistakes and thank you anyway for answering me before. If my last question is too difficult to answer, I can deal without, that color thing was already making me crazy XD

Thanks again and have a nice day !

General / Several questions
« on: November 30, 2013, 01:25:52 AM »
Hi, I have several questions about CSP, but I'm not sure if I can explain it well so I'll put screenshots...Thank you for your help !

First of all, I would like to know if you can create a new sub-tool group, you know like one of these :

I have the impression it's not possible but perhaps yes?

Secondly, I don't know if I'm stupid or not but I just can't find a way to make colors work on an image I saved as material (??). I'm not sure if I'm clear, but when I make a brush , it stays black or in the color it had when I saved it as a material. However, some brushes from CSP can use a "line color" (a line with a color that can change...not really clear huh? XP ) and a "filled color" (? I have no idea how to call these, sorry   (´∏_∏`)   ), well just like these :

I used a red foreground color and a yellow background color.

The only brush I made that can change its color as I want is the square one. The others stays with the color they had when I saved them....I don't know/remember how I made the square brush and I can't figure out how it works (yes, I feel stupid)....I tried to copy the same values/settings the CSP brushes had but without success, and I'd like to know how to have a brush with a variable line color (??).
Also, if someone could explain me how to make a brush with a "variable filled color", I would gladly appreciate !
I hope you understand this mess (´^^`)

Thirdly, I wanted to know if there is a simple way to "translate" SAI brush values to CSP? I mean, is there a way to use SAI brush settings on CSP brushes...? There are lots of nice brushes using SAI settings and I'd like to have more or less the same ones on CSP, is it possible or the complicated-things/settings/values-that-make-the-brush-flow-this-way are too different between SAI and CSP?
I tried looking for some kind of recap charts or some kind of matching values between these two programs but nothing...

I hope you understand my questions and I thank you very much for your help !
Have a nice day !

General / Re: Brush tip repeat problem
« on: October 13, 2013, 01:47:48 AM »
I use them with "ribbon" option (found in stroke category in sub-tool settings palette) and never had this issue.

OOOHH!  Thank you SOOO much ! It is indeed the ribbon option that I turned on on the last brush, I tried on the one I had issues with and it worked! Thank you so much, I thought I was going to get crazy for not understanding what was wrong! ::)
But now my question would be what the repeat option on the "image to material" window is used for then? It only works when you want to use the image as a pattern?

(and thank you for answering me that quickly!)

General / Brush tip repeat problem
« on: October 13, 2013, 12:13:58 AM »
Hi, I'm having issues with the repeat thing when you make a brush.
I took screenshots :

So, this is the design I want for my brush. I made sure there was no pixel left and then I went to Edit>Image to Materials
But, each time I have this little white line on it, and this little line appears at the beginning and the end of the image :

I tried many things like cropping my canvas to the exact dimension of the image I want to have as a brush tip material...And the problem is that I have a brush (I made) that doesn't have this little white line:   

Does anyone know how to fix this? I don't understand how I made it work the first time...

Thanks for answering me!   :)

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