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Work In Progress / My first try
« on: January 25, 2013, 10:27:02 PM »

Hi guys

Its probably been said 1000's of times already, but I am so impressed with this package.  Its incredible

you can paint pixels or draw vectors, I mastered it mostly in a couple of hours.  I spent half a week with the desperate Photoshop pen tool, what an abomination

The line art layer and curve tool is so easy by comparison

So I want to purchase a full licence, is the site still ok for paypal?  I only ask cos it started 2008

Does anyone know if there are vector shape tools available, eg circle/ellipse and square/rectangle?


I found a workaround to select a vector (polyline?)  copy it and flip it . It involves copying to another lineart layer and then flipping the layer.  Yes a fiddle but it works, if you want to draw a symetrical complex shape

draw half, flip/merge - saves time



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