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Work In Progress / Re: Need help pls!!
« on: December 05, 2012, 10:48:15 PM »
Oh ok! Thx for making clear of my sentences. I just edited the post in the original link. Btw, what forum site can u recommend?

Work In Progress / Re: Need help pls!!
« on: December 05, 2012, 09:38:09 AM »
Still nothing?

Work In Progress / Re: Need help pls!!
« on: December 01, 2012, 07:33:53 AM »
The model/drawing don't have (not seen) the following:
(1) Collar Bone Linings (or the lining a little below the neck)
(2) Cleavage/Chest Linings ("dot" not included lol!)
(3) Lower Linings (you know what's not to include XD)
(4) Hand Fingers
(5) Foot Fingers
(6) Back/Spinal Cord Lining
(7) Butt Linings
(8) Feet's Behind

The detail is available in the previous link. If you have clarification question, just leave the message, and thanks btw!

Work In Progress / Need help pls!!
« on: November 29, 2012, 01:08:15 PM »
the detail is here since its where i asked for the help first (but i have to ask from the art site for higher chance of getting the help i need):

SAI General / Re: [Newbie/Noob] Copy and Flip Question
« on: November 21, 2012, 12:09:49 PM »
Pls i need help!

SAI General / [Newbie/Noob] Copy and Flip Question
« on: November 20, 2012, 02:10:43 PM »
Im a total newbie about using SAI and what I only know in Photoshop is just using Magic Wand (separating the main image from its background) and a very little of some basic things. I usually done image editing in Paint so im not used to advanced application for image editing.

I want to copy the right ear of my drawing and paste it on same layer/plane, and flip it horizontally. It is for comparing the size of my drawing's right ear and left ear as im having trouble editing the right ear to match with the left ear's size (for proportion). In Paint, this is very easy - copy, paste then flip horizontally and drag it over to where the left ear is, done. I do not know which similar function in SAI this is and i don't want to read the whole tutorial just for a little task.

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