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General Discussion / Re: ALT application to SAI??
« on: July 19, 2011, 08:55:37 AM »
Maybe I am wrong in my conclusion that the threads and content were removed when I closed my membership? That or admin work fast. Not to give the wrong impression I deleted my last post (or thought I did) and closed my account to avoid any "drama" Figured Id be done with the forum. Since someone hunted me down and hinted that I removed it for other reasons. I rejoined to clear this confusion up.

I inferred hostility from your previous post. Maybe I was mistaken to the meaning of our post.  :-\
No where did I say any app was not good enough. I just said they did not meet my needs, is there some rule somewhere saying I'm a asshole for stating this? Or that I should be disrespected because of this? I just do not see the issue here. Obviously my intent was lost if my posts were taken as abrasive and insulting. :-\

I do appreciate the suggestions made, I would not have known about the gimp paint add on otherwise.

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