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General Discussion / Mdiapp trial expired (need help)
« on: March 13, 2011, 04:23:42 AM »
I recently tried Mdiapp and was amazed by the brushes and features the small little program held. The trial expired faster than the 15 day mark since I tried to freeze the time date with date cracker. I really advise you not to use that trial stopping software if you want this particular software to be extended. I couldn't save after using date cracker. Does any one have the program already cracked or have a patch.

Also I live in the u.s and tried purchasing the product... for some reason I was declined purchase. Might be due to my ip being blocked or something, since its not a Japanese ip address *shrugs* who knows. So supporting is impossible  even though I would like too :'<

Any one have any ideas?

If your intrested in the program here is the link-|en&hl=ja&ie=UTF8

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