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General / what is clip studio downloading/syncing here?
« on: July 19, 2017, 08:54:48 PM »
if i open the clip studio app, not the paint application.  it downloads materials or something to a designated folder.  so do i have like a gig of random materials now?  is there sone way to control this feature or find out what exactly it downloaded.   can anyone basically just tell me how this aspect of the program works?

just wondering i guess, i just installed a newer one for my intuos a month ago maybe now when i hold my hand straight on a point, say in the navigator, its moving around like i have a tremor hand or something.  and also no i notice sometimes the icon for the app doesnt show up correctly under the tablet properties as it had maybe 2 drivers ago.

General / Does Clip Studio/Manga Studio have multi-core support?
« on: August 01, 2013, 10:04:50 PM »
i'm pretty sure i read that it does somewhere.  is there like, a setting for it?  or does it just work automatically?

it only paints in black (the color that was in the selection that i colored.  does anyone know why, or how i can get it to paint in color?

EDIT/SOLVED(i think):  um, after compare my misbehaving brush tip material to normal ones i noticed they all had monochrome tagged next to them, so i looked around until i found an option called "convert layer" and sure enough one of the color types was monochrome.  after doing that it works now.  yay

SAI in English / cannot create new documents or open other things
« on: July 22, 2013, 01:51:39 AM »
using win7
i tried doing that thing where u use that applocale program to open just one non-unicode program, so i can keep my US locale, and for some reason it will only load recent documents...  here's what i get every time:
but if i select anything from the recent list it loads those fine

SAI General / possible to have square/block brush in sai?
« on: March 14, 2013, 01:52:13 AM »
here is also why i am confused:

I have a square elemap brush shape, but it draws like a 'thin/flat' one onstead of the full shape.  however, if i use something like the x-shape, u can see the whole X.

so!  is there something i missed?  or....

thanks ^^

EDIT:  If i look in the help section, it says something about max points being 63.  so does that mean if the number of occupied pixels in the elemap exceeds 63 the brush shape messes up?

EDIT2 (SOLVED):  well!  looks like that was indeed the case.  if there are more than 63 pixels in the elemap bitmap picture, the brush "brakes", like how it looks in the screencap.

I really dont understand how blotmaps are any different than brush textures.  they both need to be gray scale and equal height and widths.  and so they both tile when used on a large canvas.  (i think blotmap+brushtexture just combines the textures)

so what determines the shape of the blotmap brush itself?  is it circular?  why not then just use simlpe circle and a brush texture then?  the only advantage i see is maybe creating something similar to photoshops dual-brush option.     ???


SAI General / How to tell if an image is already in grayscale?
« on: February 26, 2013, 10:36:47 AM »
you know how sai needs grayscale bitmaps for things like brush texture? is there a way to determine whether an image is already in grayscale mode? or does it just read as RGB then after? (like even though its been converted to black and white, it still has RGB values so thats what im seeing)

the other reason i'm asking this is because i'm trying to figure out how exactly the "brush tip shape" functions.  it seems that any 'elemap' such as bristles or brush shape using the blue do-it urself crosshair things do not let u select out of the four brush tip shapes.  but it does if the brush bitmap is in the blotmap folder. 

so if that's the case, wouldn't u want all of ur brushtips to be in the blotmap category so u could control the tip shape?  or am i missing something? ....

thanks ^^

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