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News / MOVED: Paint Tool SAI 2.0 available for download
« on: December 11, 2013, 03:05:26 PM »

News / Upgraded to new forum
« on: June 22, 2011, 04:34:39 AM »
  • Forum upgraded from SMF 1.x to SMF 2.x
  • New nice theme
  • New smiley
  • New bb tags
  • Ability to say thank for post
  • Ability to rate topics

Discuss :)

Work In Progress / Anti New Year :)
« on: December 31, 2010, 06:42:32 PM »
Some kind of anti, but still new year picture :)

(SAI-tan design taken from:

And happy new year to all forum visitors.

General Discussion / Japanese drawing social network
« on: December 17, 2010, 12:34:01 PM »

Their stole my idea LOL :) (I actually have an idea of drawing social network, but slightly different from drawr).
Maybe I'm just too slow, and anyone already know about this project.
Anyway pretty interesting project.

You can't type text, just draw.
Editor didn't have layers.
You can view draw animations (brilliant!)

News / Hello, Mr. SpamGuessScript
« on: December 03, 2010, 07:29:45 PM »
Due to recent spam attacks to the forum, I created new SpamGuessScript (instead of old HaxorCheckScript).
Mr. SpamGuessScript use some heuristic, so sometime normal messages can be classified as spam messages (and vice-versa - spam messages can be classified as normal, but I will take care about it by myself).

If you can't post to forum because Mr. SpamGuessScript doesn't allow this, please send me email to and describe the problem.

News / I'm on vacation
« on: July 01, 2010, 07:46:30 PM »
I'm on vacation (from tomorrow to 14 july), so I want to leave message to spambots, spammers and kids, who thinks that gallery on this site is some kind of image hosting.

Dear spambots, please don't post spam messages on this forum.
Dear spammers, please don't add this forum to your bot lists.
Dear i-want-post-cute-picture-kids, please don't post not you own pictures in gallery.


General Discussion / Flame? Minami-Ke
« on: April 27, 2010, 12:04:40 AM »
Just interesting...
I never tried to start flame thread on this forum...


I watch anime minami-ke now (2nd or 3rd time).
Did you like it? Did you hate it?
Did you like particular character?

News / New forum categories
« on: March 31, 2010, 05:10:08 PM »
I'd like to support AzDrawing and AzPainter programms, so I created special forum category. They are free and great.

Also I created category for IllustStudio. I don't like IllustStudio so much - it is very complex and I get lost in these menus, panels and buttons. But it is very great prog - it is much cheaper than Photoshop, and it have almost all Photoshop capabilities.

General / AzDrawing & AzPainter - download links
« on: March 31, 2010, 04:47:03 PM »
AzDrawing and AzPainter are small great progs.
They are much simplier than SAI, but still great.

AzDrawing is for inking.

AzDrawing has officially-supported english version (which is great ^_^)

Programm page:
Direct download link:

AzPainter is for coloring.

Unfortunatelly, only japanese version currently availible, but I will have good news soon ^_^
Also is it two versions of AzPainter. I will give links for second version, because I think that second version is newer.

Programm page:
Direct download link:

English version from TheMaker:

News / SAI FAQ
« on: January 28, 2010, 04:11:54 PM »
Q. It is free?
A. English pack, launcher, brushes, translation - it all for free. Program itself is not free, is trialware.

Q. So major advantage of the fan made pack is that, it doesn't have a trial date because it is free?
A. Ren: Nope, the translation itself is free of course, but you have to buy Sai to actually use it :3

Q. My trial ended what can I do ?
A. hmmm... buy it?

Q. So if you pay for the full version is there still a time trial on it
A. Ren: No, of course not! Once you pay you get a code to use with Sai and the trial period disappears :3

Q. On one of my computers, I downloaded Sai 1.01. So if I buy it, I would have to uninstall Sai 1.01, download Sai 1.00 from the official site, and download the language.conf?
A. sgiff: No just register, get a license code from the download site and paste it in the application folder and your good to go.  You don't need to uninstall anything.

Q. I downloaded the paint tool sai from here, and I have a question. is this the trial one that disappers in like 30 days or this last forever. because in the Japanese SAI site they let peple download their trial one but for only 30 days.
A. This version has no differences from original one (except additional brushes and textures), so yep, it is 30 day trial.

Q. I purchase the license to have the sai program and download the program itself, and then i download this translatio, and then...
A. parfhelbelia: Replace your language.conf with restorer's file. place SAI digital license file e.g. "00000numbersblahblah.slc" in your SAI folder and ENJOY

Q. Is the software itself included ? or is it just the language file ?
A. If you will spend a second and click "[Read more...]" next to "PaintTool SAI English Pack 1.1.0 Full" on home page, you will see message: "This installer will install english pack, sai programm itself and necessary shortcuts." - yep, software included.

Q. Um, this has probably already been asked, but when you download it, do you need the real SAI already downloaded?
A. Real SAI (latest version from official site) is included into Full pack.

Q. When I try to open mine it says something about Administrator needed or something like that. Help?
A. Yep, when SAI starts first time, it need Admin rights. Right click on SAI executable, than click "Run as administrator"

Q. And I can buy the license and put it into the appropriate folder of... the English Pack? And it will work?
A. Yep, you can do it

Q. I have both of paint tool sai do i have to pay for both of them?
A. Nope. please read original license (on japanese site) for more information about licensing.

Q. Does anyone know ifthe fan-made version is compatible with the new mac os?
A. No, SAI available only for Windows. You can either install Windows via BootCamp or install Windows using some virtual machine.

Q. I don't have the smarts to convert yen to dollars.
A. Kaetemi: Just type "5250 yen to usd" or "5250 yen to eur" (without quotes) into google

Q. Whenever I try to start SAI after I buy it, my computer says that I can't open it because it's a file that my computer can't use. It's a .SLC file btw
A. You should download this .slc file somewhere, than copy&paste it in SAI installation folder (it can be "C:\Program Files\Paint Tool Sai English Pack", "C:\Documents And Settings\<User name>\Local Settings\Application Data\Zame\Paint Tool SAI English Pack" or wherever you install it).

News / Installer fixed for Win7
« on: January 28, 2010, 03:56:07 PM »
Finally I found some free time and updated installer a bit - changed default install location + fixed some strings in translation.
Also Russian version updated (updated translation, updated installer).


News / Happy New Year
« on: December 31, 2009, 02:30:00 AM »
Hi to all forum users and visitors!
This year was good :)

- Many new SAI versions (it sad, but author of SAI didn't release any new versions... I will mail him, ask for new versions and thanks for all he done for us).
- Calsys released IllustStudio. Superb prog :) And Kaetemi released translation tool for it 8)
- Zulee found AzDraw and AzPaint - really good progs (like early versions of OpenCanvas).
- SmoothDraw is now free.
- Maybe Adobe will sell Photoshop for $1? :) (joke of course ;D)

Also I created really bad gfx program ( which lacks layers and color blending ;D (really, it's best what I can work even in Internet Explorer)
Author of best picture will receive some prize :-X

Also, as you know, I'm russian, so I'm already wear ushanka, drink vodka with my bear and playing at balalayka :)

One day left...

General Discussion / jisdraw - absolutely new and fresh
« on: December 25, 2009, 07:19:15 PM »
Merry christmas and happy new year!
Yesterday I created small drawing app (like oekaki, but in javascript. just for fun, nothing more :P)

What is it?

[jisdraw] is a simple application that allows you to draw small pictures.
It works directly in the browser and does not require Flash, Java or Silverlight.
Just a modern browser (Chrome (recommended), IE7+, FireFox 3+ or Safari).

Didn't try to draw something big and serious here - [jisdraw] didn't have layers, color blending,
various brushes forms, and many other cool things (which Paint Tool SAI have, of course).

But for small sketches and instant ideas [jisdraw] is the best of the best of the best of the best :)
Have fun!

Work In Progress / Restorer's stuff
« on: November 15, 2009, 04:15:13 AM »
My sister asked me to draw Naruto characters in a slipper :)
This is my second attempt to do something after a long pause in drawing.

Colors will be soon.

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