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Title: Buying license as a gift
Post by: 4nbukag3 on December 22, 2009, 02:11:23 AM
Hello, everyone! I'm new here, sorry for making a new topic at the beginning, but I have a problem which should be solved asap ;p
I mean...I want to buy someone license as a gift. It's a person from a country, where she can't buy license via Paypal, so she asked me to buy license for her. What's the problem?
We want to put in ordering form her adress and e-mail (let's say it's, she'll send me e-mail comfirming number, and then I'll be able to pay...but there's the problem. I'll be paying via my Paypal account, so that mean- via different e-mail. Will she be able to receive e-mail from systemax with her license? Someone had similar situation? We just don't want to lose money unnecessary.

thank you in advance!