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Title: All strokes and cut vector lineart start with low density
Post by: CapnColds on February 05, 2019, 09:41:36 PM
So. I had to re-install SAI2 after a weekend of PC parts swapping. And the first thing i notice is this: ( 
(Sorry i cant show this in a fancier way, i havent used a forum in over 5 years, im desperate you can tell...)

I mostly work with the vector lineart layers, and im PRETTY SURE this didn't happen before: (

This is extremelly annoying to me, because, not only am i a perfectionist with my lineart. I also use the bucket tool at a wooping 252 tolerance. and if so happens this problem appears in any line i may have cut, i would have to check the WHOLE lineart and such.
And im SURE i have never had to do this. Because i've never seen this.

I've tried every option of density, every vector style, the hidden densities under the vecotr options... Everything.

Please, someone help me, i haven't drawn a proper thing in weeks and im dying to do so, but this thig got in my way ;w;