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Title: Help with Linework Layer
Post by: ImaginativeAcid on October 11, 2018, 11:55:38 AM
Is it possible to close a path in the linework layer? Im struggling trying to do eclipses/circles on sai with the Pen/Curve tool but i can't do a decent one. And the circles that come from the shape tool not only come with a background color (i just want the line with an empty background) but can't be modified with pressure as the pen/curve tool
Title: Re: Help with Linework Layer
Post by: Eekk on October 13, 2018, 06:09:17 AM
Hello there!
To be honest i didnt understand that much the end of your question and this might be because you're talking about the SAI ver. 2, my help is coming from the version 1, and as i've seen with the newest version, it's pretty the same.

Well sadly the only thing that's closer to a perfect circle in SAI is by using the curve tool in the linework layer.

In order to make a proper circle, i recommend you to use shortcut keys and your mouse (i remember using a lot the keys 0 and 1 in order to rotate the canvas a little bit). If you don't know how to make a new shortcut key, you can simply reach the keyboard shortcut preference by hitting the letter O and then K on your keyboard or by clicking others in the menu and then ''Keyboard Shortcuts''. Then look for any letter to add a shortcut to rotate your canvas (which will appear when you click on ''canvas'' and then select any ''rotate canvas..'' option. Click any letter you'd like to use as a shortcut and add the rotating shortcuts to it by clicking them, once finished press the ''OK'' button.
After setting your shortcut, grab the curve tool in the linework layer and with the mouse click a place you'd like to make the circle, once a small dot is made, hit your shortcut key and then click on the canvas again (without moving the mouse from it's place). After you've done enough dots to complete the circle, click on the canvas twice to stop dropping more lines.
 If you don't feel comfortable with the size of it, you can edit it by pressing Ctrl+T and making it fit your size, after that, if you dont like the weight of it, you can change it by pressing weight and selecting the size you'd like.

Hope this helps you out!