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Title: PLEASE make these things optional!
Post by: chillmoth on August 05, 2018, 10:21:25 AM
Ive recently moved laptops to a surface pro and so as you can imagine, I enjoy being able to draw on it really well with my pen on the touch screen without the possibility of having to have my keyboard or mouse always on standby.

What I already start to notice is that because of the constant CTRL Z undoing we know we all do, having the max scale of the undo/redo still being really small for my fingers to undo quickly and move on and not having the option to make those two specific ones very large is a tad annoying after an hour.

Another little idea I had, although Im not too sure where it would go nessecarily, is having the option to have all of the most common shortcuts readily at display without having to go into the tabs to find it- deselect, cut, copy, paste, the little things like that. Itd be helpful if that was a seperate thing you could open similar to the RGB scale being able to toggle on and off, or maybe when you right click the brush area you can have the choice to input shortcuts too as easy access buttons?

Just a couple thoughts as SAI is already awesome for touch screen but itd help to make it a teeeny bit more friendly for my gremlin fingers on a touch screen. thanks!
Title: Re: PLEASE make these things optional!
Post by: Keitou on August 06, 2018, 04:23:32 AM
sorry, we don't make the program, we just help to resolve some issues but not related to the program process. sorry  :'(