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Title: SAI Autosave 2.0.0 (Free autosave feature for Paint Tool SAI)
Post by: alexandervrs on March 18, 2016, 01:49:34 AM
SAI Autosave
Autosave feature for Paint Tool SAI


A free AutoIt powered script to autosave your SAI work on set intervals by triggering the Ctrl+S shortcut on your SAI window.

The utility can also take screen snapshots of SAI at set intervals more frequently, so if a crash occurs before you manage to save, you might be able to salvage the drawing and proceed to recreate the art using your screen-captured work in progress as reference.
Furthermore as the utility saves, it can also store backups of the SAI files for you complete with date and time in the filename, so in case of a file corruption you can hopefully go back to a previous file and resume work from there.
Finally it can also just remind you to save by popping a notification at set times.
This utility is provided AS-IS. Use it however you like!

Note that the script will check if the SAI window has focus first before saving and wait for you to switch to SAI if not (due to the script sending the Ctrl+S key shortcut to the SAI window), if you have the Blink setting on and the icon is visible on the Tray, then it will blink until you focus SAI. Also if you haven't saved the file first, you will probably get the Save dialog the first time the autosave occurs, naturally. You can Quit the utility manually from the system tray. If you close SAI, the script will exit automatically the next time it tries to autosave but doesn't find SAI open.

A word of warning, when you are editing other pictures that are not meant to be auto-saved, it's best to Pause the script first. Remember that the script will trigger the save shortcut, so anything in SAI that has focus, will be saved. To Pause the script from the system tray icon, right click and choose "Pause". When you need autosave back, the same way you can resume the script.

Copy "SAI Autosave.exe" inside your Paint Tool SAI folder (Usually "C:\Paint Tool SAI") and make a shortcut to your Desktop/Taskbar. Every time you click on the icon, it will launch SAI with enabled autosave feature (You can disable this as well with the Settings - see below)

You can access the utility's settings window by right clicking on the system tray icon and choosing the Settings option.
To customize the utility further, you can open the "Autosave Settings.ini" file and tweak the following settings:

SaveMode (since 2.0.0)
Defines the manner of autosaving, setting to 0 will save the file and take a snapshot, 1 will only save the file, 2 will only take a snapshot, 3 will take a snapshot and show a notification reminder to save your work and 4 will just show a reminder

Default to 15 minutes, this is the interval that the autosave occurs

SnapshotInterval (since 2.0.0)
Default to 180000 milliseconds (3 minutes), this is the interval that the snapshot capture occurs, the snapshots are kept in a folder named ~SAIAutosave.Snapshots and will be in your SAI folder

If set to 1 (default), it will also auto-launch sai.exe, useful if you want to make a shortcut to SAI Autosave.exe so that the Autosave functionality is available every time you open SAI through that shortcut.
Set it to 0 if you want to start SAI & the autosave utility manually instead.

By default, the utility tries to execute the "sai.exe" that exists in the same folder, if your SAI installation is elsewhere or want to keep this utility in its own folder, then you'll need to change the Path option to point to your SAI folder (don't include the trailing slash e.g. Path=C:\Paint Tool SAI ), default is "." (same directory)

By default "sai.exe", the SAI executable name

Whether the utility will not display any notifications while starting up and saving, use 1 for on, 0 for off

The tray icon will blink if SAI does not have focus and the script is trying to save in order to remind you. Setting this to 0 will disable this, 1 is default.

Default is 0, when set to 1, then the Autosave feature will be paused when the utility starts and you will need to enable it via the option in the system tray icon.

KeepBackups (since 2.0.0)
This will trigger a file backup whenever the utility autosaves, the backups are kept in a folder named ~SAIAutosave.Backups and will be in your SAI folder.

If you accidentally mess up the "Autosave Settings.ini" file, just delete it and the utility will re-create it with its default settings

If you use the app and you find it useful, please kindly consider a donation, thanks!

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Version 2.0.0
Download (

Feel free to suggest anything I missed! :)
Title: Re: SAI Autosave 1.0.3
Post by: alexandervrs on April 19, 2016, 09:21:54 PM
Fixed a bug where the application auto-quit after saving once.  ;)
Check the Download link for the new version.
Title: Re: SAI Autosave 1.0.3
Post by: spacenight on April 20, 2016, 02:49:41 PM
THx for this! :D
Title: Re: SAI Autosave 1.0.3
Post by: MayuTheDemon on February 09, 2018, 12:39:43 PM
hello i just downloaded this and i got a question
so while i was using it it autosaved but then i press control S and turned the program off and when i went back in it it wasnt saves like the auto save and the save i done didnt apply?????
Title: Re: SAI Autosave 1.0.3
Post by: alexandervrs on March 12, 2018, 09:11:00 PM
Hmm I'll have to see how this handles if there's a conflict like this, I suppose this is what happened anyway. SAI1 is a bit weird with saving files fast and other programs trying to access the file at the same time, compared to SAI2.
Make sure you're also using the latest version (1.0.3), there were a couple bugs that caused the program to exit in the earlier versions (
Title: Re: SAI Autosave 2.0.0 (Free autosave feature for Paint Tool SAI)
Post by: alexandervrs on June 16, 2019, 06:20:27 PM
After quite a while I updated the utility to version 2.0.0

Adding the ability for the program to also periodically take screenshots of your SAI window, so if SAI or your computer crashes before you get a chance to save you might have a chance to salvage and recreate the drawing by referencing the images in the screenshots. This has saved me a couple times.
It's an operation that should not be as time consuming as triggering a save often, you should still be actually saving the SAI file though.

The program can now store backups of your .sai files as autosaving occurs.

You can also just tell the program to remind you to save with a notification.

There is also now a new Settings window (right click the system tray icon and choose "Settings") with the most common options of the program exposed there.

The new version is also now on Github and with its source included.
I have also an archive of version 1.0.3