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Title: SAI 1.2.1
Post by: Zulith on June 11, 2015, 01:20:00 PM
While we wait for SAI 2.0, we now have 1.2.1

2015-06-10 Ver.1.2.1
- Fixed access violation occurs when the Pen tool of inking layer stroke of length 0 has been created
· Fixed an extension "Specifying the file format in the output" in the passed to the standard file dialog will be those at the time of the previous output problem
· Modified to read in use by converting the Unicode layer name from the PSD file
· Damaged .sai read the correction as much as possible to read as it does not stop with an error in the file
- Improved setting save processing of Shutdown program
• If Wacom Company other than the pen tablet is being used to fix the problem occurs likely place
And other minor adjustments