Author Topic: Crossover + Mac + SAI pressure sensitivity  (Read 6558 times)

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Crossover + Mac + SAI pressure sensitivity
« on: March 19, 2010, 01:23:29 AM »
I actually managed to get Sai working in OSX 10.6.1 perfectly with Crossover Games (yes. lol.), HOWEVER tablet pressure sensitivity isn't being recognized. I realize this is a common problem for people using Crossover -- that for some, pressure sensitivity works, and for some it doesn't.

I've tried installing the Windows drivers (in Crossover's Bottle), but the pen tablet preferences program won't open. There's an error that says that no Windows program is configured to open that type of file.

I've tried various versions of Crossover, deleting and reinstalling, same with drivers, but nothing seems to be helping with pressure sensitivity. I have a Bamboo Fun tablet, if that means anything, and I also have the latest OSX drivers for the Bamboo Fun. Pressure sensitivity works in all the OSX programs, just not in Crossover!Sai.

I've also checked through CodeWeavers' site and a few others. The most information I can gather is "it works for some, not for some."

Can anyone help with this? :( I'm only using it on my mac until my Windows-laptop is repaired, but I'd really hate to go without it!