Author Topic: Can you change layer type from normal layer to vector/linework layer?  (Read 14729 times)

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I've been looking around but haven't found anything yet..
I made my line art on ps and I just saw this tutorial for lineart on sai so I figured I would give it a shot but...

when I transferred them over from ps they were in normal layer mode and I don't know how to change it :(

I have tried copy and pasting (didn't work) merging down... etc

please help :(


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Changing Vector(Linework) layers to Raster (normal) layers is beyond SAI's ability (and Photoshops as well I believe, but I may be wrong).   

IF you want to translate your work, you will have to use your imported layer as a 'tracing' layer and redo it as a SAI Linework layer.
SAI does not deal with vectors made in other programs either.

Also, should you do SAI linework layers, make sure to save your file as a .sai file ... any other file type will convert your linework back into a 'normal' raster layer.
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